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How can we

Tribal Habits helps organisations capture and share knowledge to create training, manage compliance or foster new skills.

Tribal Habits helps organisations capture and share knowledge to create training, manage compliance or foster new skills.

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Rapidly capture and share key knowledge

Capture and share any knowledge or training important to your organisation. Use ready-made expert content from our Development and Compliance libraries. Or seamlessly combine both.

Rapidly capture and share key knowledge
Amazing content creator

A guided process and intuitive building block editor turns anyone in your business into an expert trainer. Build interactive online learning in minutes.

Ready-made topic libraries

Need content instantly? Access our amazing ready-made DEVELOPMENT or COMPLIANCE topics to provide instant staff training, entirely in your branding and ready to customise.

Modern learning experience

All content – yours or ours – is presented in your branding in a modern, intuitive design. No more old-fashioned generic elearning with next and back buttons.

Online, offline and social

Utilise peer-to-peer learning. Crowd-source staff for training ideas, best practices and recommended solutions. Track offline implementation of new skills and tools.

Automated features

Track CPD notes and time for all topics. Record professional development hours. Build online assessments in minutes. Create offline assessments with downloads and uploads.

Powerful reporting

Incredible levels of reporting – far beyond traditional learning management systems. Monitor staff, teams and topics with online and offline filters and reporting.

A complete solution

Our powerful enrolment rules and notifications engine can automate training libraries, milestone reporting, training reminders and manager notifications.

Passionate local support

Live chat support based in Australia. A complete Implementation Pathway and initial training with no set-up fees. Free topic reviews and on-going portal updates.

Three simple plans. Use one or combine as needed


Create, share and manage unlimited training of your own with your staff, clients and prospects. The fastest and easiest way to build effective training.

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Access a library of amazing ready-made self-development training for your staff and managers. Includes templates, on-the-job activities and more.

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Access a complete range of online compliance training with easy-to-use automated training tools. Includes reminders, reporting and enrolment.

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Used by Australia’s top organisations

Join Australia’s top professional services firms capturing best practices, sharing knowledge and redefining how training can be developed at their firms.


Case Study: Cardno

See how Tribal Habits boosted the business development capabilities and on-the-job results from 100 global engineers at Cardno.

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Create more training content, on any topic, faster than ever

Tribal Habits has been designed as the ultimate online training creation tool. No more slow authoring tools. No more expensive outsourced eLearning.

Step-by-step guided training creation process

Powerful, yet simple, building block editor

Videos, images, quizzes, polls, files and more

Share in Tribal Habits or integrate with an LMS

Ready-made DEVELOPMENT training library

Ready-made COMPLIANCE training library

All topics automatically styled to your branding

Create more training content, on any topic, faster than ever

Create custom training for induction, systems, software, documents, processes, sales, management, support, service, compliance and more.

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Drive behavioural change through best practice sharing

Tribal Habits is not a learning management system. We are not about ‘managing’ or ‘administering’ training. We are about changing behaviours, achieving outcomes and sharing knowledge.

Modern and engaging online learning experience

Integrate on-the-job activities into any topic

Built-in analytics to track online and offline results

Capture proven skills to empower real change

Auto-journals for staff to use offline

Notify stakeholders as staff hit topic milestones

Drive behavioural change through best practice sharing

Capture training data on understanding and outcomes like never before, to boost behavioural change, identify hurdles and support your training budget.

More on expertise and best practice

Promote a culture of social learning and peer training

Tribal Habits blends training, knowledge management and coaching into a single experience. Learn from expert content, contribute from your experiences and reflect on lessons from your peers.

Allow staff to suggest training ideas or topics

Allow staff to create private training for teams

Allow staff to share expertise in selected topics

Allow staff to review outcomes from peers

Reward innovation, collaboration and sharing

Or disable social interaction on compliance topics

Promote a culture of social learning and peer training

Build a culture of best practice. Capture expertise from key staff. Ensure common standards among all teams and locations. Tap into proven processes.

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Maximise resources on training outcomes (not training admin)

We know you are busy. Even if you have a training team, they will likely have more requests than they can handle. Tribal Habits is like a ‘training team in a box’.

Automate training libraries on custom demographics

Automate due dates, reminders and escalation

Automate managers and stakeholders notifications

Blend online training and offline training

Powerful online reporting plus offline downloads

Track professional development hours

Maximise resources on training outcomes (not training admin)

Set up a branded staff training portal, including an instant training library, in minutes. Automate on-going admin and focus on your results.

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All this for the price of a cup of coffee

All this for the price of a cup of coffee

Creator and Development plans start from $5.00 per active user per month. Compliance plans start from $7.50 per active user per month. Use one plan or combine plans as needed. No set-up fees. Monthly or annual plans.

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Induction checklist

New employee induction checklists

It’s all too easy for a new employee induction process to be inconsistent or haphazard. This is especially true if induction doesn’t start until the new employee arrives on day one. In this article, we gather several new employee induction checklists to help you avoid inconsistency and ensure your new employees hit the ground running.

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Five ways to improve employee induction efficiency

New employee induction can be time-consuming. Many organisations struggle to provide consistent employee induction programs. Some employees receive a great experience, while other employees receive no or limited induction assistance. The information provided in employee inductions can be inconsistent. Staff involved in employee induction can become resentful as they struggle to manage their own tasks, let alone inducting new staff. So let’s consider five practical ways to improve employee induction efficiency for any organisation.

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Training Accountability

Improving knowledge transfer through training accountability

Despite all of the issues of training relevance and training context, most participants are typically well-intentioned when it comes to training! While there will always be those participants who, for whatever reason, are unable to approach learning with the best of intentions, they are in the minority. Most learners are keen to improve themselves and make change. But learners are also busy. They can be easily distracted.

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