The online learning platform for Australian organisations with 20-500 staff

Our easy to use online training creator, combined with world-class training libraries, provide a complete solution to digitise your training processes, deliver compliance training, optimise employee induction and share best practices.

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What can you do with Tribal Habits?

Supercharge your knowledge and learning capabilities with Tribal Habits. We break learning into four stages and provide you with tools and guidance to reach your goals. Select the stage which your organisation is focused on or learn more about the Tribal Habits Learning Journey.

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Who benefits from Tribal Habits?

From the creation of training through to its delivery and administration, Tribal Habits takes the stress out of learning and development allowing your staff to focus on what they do best. It's like a 'training team in a box'.

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Internal experts and training creators

Our easy-to-use creator tool allows anyone in your organisation to capture their expertise and create interactive online learning experiences in a fraction of the time taken by other solutions.

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Your employees and customers

You can engage your learners with relevant learning experiences delivered through a modern web-based training interface. No more static pages, PDFs or clunky eLearning solutions.

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HR and Training managers

Easy enrolments, set-and-forget automation and powerful reporting remove the administrative burden of managing training for any sized HR or training team.

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Re-imagine the way you create and deliver training with Tribal Habits

Which industries use Tribal Habits?

Tribal Habits is a flexible, powerful and easy-to-use digital learning platform. We help a variety of industries approach training and knowledge faster, better and at a lower cost. Explore selected industries below to see how Australian organisations like yours are re-imaging their training.