5 Reasons Learning Content Goes Out of Date

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Keeping training current is a no brainer, but why does it go out of date? 

There are lots of reasons why training can become irrelevant, I am going to explain 5 of those reasons below. 

1. Policy & Procedure Changes 

Perhaps you have changed the way you do things and procedures have improved; policies can become outdated.  It is important to regularly ensure these training modules are the most up to date version, to keep training current but also to avoid possible legal implications of outdated training. 

2. Learners Are Not Achieving The Desired Outcomes 

Your learners were excited and motivated to grow, they have been working through the training but things have stayed the same. Perhaps that training is no longer relevant or the employee skillset has changed? Regularly reviewing specific training and ensuring it is relevant to the learner, engaging and purposeful will help you achieve your learning goals. 

3. No Way To Measure Success

If you are using out-of-date training methods it can be challenging to measure success. Using a modern LMS where you can regularly track, update training as required and pull up reports will help you measure the success of your training. 

4. Compliance Learning Content

Compliance training needs to be kept up to date to ensure it meets current regulations, the implications of expired compliance training can not only give people incorrect information but also have legal implications. 

5. Pandemic

Nobody could foresee how the world would change when Covid 19 struck. Not only did it change the way we live and work but also how we interact. Face to face training became more challenging and HR teams were stumbling to create Covid protocols and procedures for their staff in a new hybrid workplace. With the ever-changing rules around Covid 19 it would be best practice to review and regularly update your procedures around this subject. 

As mentioned there can be many reasons your learning content can become outdated, above I have listed just a few. 

When looking to update or reframe your training, look in to modern LMS platforms that will give you the tools to create and update your content, set reminders, track and report progress and help you keep on top of your training. 


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