5 reasons why you need to move training online and convert existing training

April 20, 2020 in Compliance Training

5 reasons why you need to move training online and convert existing training

Training doesn’t need to be boring, difficult to track, out-of-date and a pain-in-the-neck to administer. When you move training online, you and your organisation can reap a range of easy rewards – most likely at a much lower cost too! Let’s take a look at the top five reasons to make the change from traditional training to online learning.

Move training online to improve engagement

If your training remains workshop and paper-based, you are appealing to a decreasing audience. Technology has enabled the modern employee to direct their learning by providing instant access to training and knowledge. Employees increasingly use search engines to find ways to improve their skill sets and learn what they need for their roles. They enjoy looking online and learning online.

Modern employees want to be able to learn when they want – during breaks in work, in transit, at the end of the week, while at home or wherever they are ready to engage. Moving your training online gives employees access when and how they want it. Training can already be (incorrectly!) seen as an annoyance by many employees, so why make it any harder for them to access it the way they want it?

Allow for a flexible learning pace

Online training excels in the convenience it offers to your employees. Online training allows a learner to move at their own pace.

First, when you move training online it allows them to engage with their training and schedule it as they see fit. It also eliminates the downtime of moving to a workshop, waiting for the workshop to start and then transferring back to their work environment.

Second, online learning is asynchronous – learners engage 1:1 with the learning, not 1:many with a group. As a result, they can undertake the training at their pace. In a workshop, the learning will move at a pace which will be too fast for some, and too slow for others. Online learning eliminates this problem, which boosts engagement from each individual learner.

With online learning, employees can revisit materials, retake assessments and choose to complete training in one go, or in multiple sessions. All this flexibility improves the chances of employees engaging meaningfully with the training – and at no extra costs to the organisation.

Less time spent on training

Every minute your employees spend in the training room is a minute that they could be helping a stakeholder or customer. Online training reduces the amount of time they spend in the training room so that they can have more time in the workplace. Also, there are no travel fees, room rental expenses or printed workbook costs.

Instructor-led training requires significant payroll hours, but online training can cut costs by more than half. Online modules remove the excess – there’s no ice breaker activities, no delays waiting for that last participant, no need to push the workshop to fill the entire hour and so on.

Easy to update with on-going changes

Let’s face it – organisational policies and government regulations change regularly. If you are still relying on paper-based training you must update all of your printed materials and retrain your instructors whenever a change occurs. This is not only time-consuming but has quality control risks. It’s too easy for multiple versions of workbooks to be floating around an organisation and employees to be learning out of date information.

With online training – particularly in an easy-to-use platform like Tribal Habits – changes can be made to any training in minutes. All new employees can then immediately receive the latest information. An online training platform will also track version completion, allowing existing employees to be notified when material changes have occurred and requiring them to re-take learning.

Accurate tracking in real-time

When you move training online makes it significantly easier to track completion data among your employees. You can monitor among individuals, teams, locations or roles with simple reminders and easy reporting for managers and supervisors. Not only can the organisation gain better intel on competition rate, there is also a huge efficiency gain for the HR or L&D department too!

Online training allows you to easily link to remuneration too – set hurdles or requirements for employees to maintain their before they can access a promotion or monetary recognition.