The amazing all-in-one learning platform

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The amazing all-in-one learning platform

Easily create, share and manage learning in one simple learning platform.

Rapidly create online training on any topic

Learners crave relevant training. Tribal Habits allows anyone to build relevant, engaging online training. The content you create will speak to your learners and appear in your branding.

Meet Sage!

The world's only online learning coach. Sage guides anyone through the process of creating great online learning. Ask questions, seek help and get real-time analysis and advice on your content. 

Expert assistance

Every module you create receives a free 10 minute video analysis from a Tribal Habits learning expert - advice on layouts, interaction, engagement and more. Combined with help from Sage, you'll be creating interactive online training faster than you can build PowerPoint slides!

Intuitive editor

Tap into 20+ building blocks with 40+ layouts all styled to your branding. Transform text into flipcards, narrated slides, interactive images and more. Tap into 2 million free images, built-in image editor and incredible video.

Fully branded!

Every module in our library automatically adapts to your brand - logos, colours, organisation name. Seamlessly mix-and-match with your own content to fully engage your learners.

100s topics!

Our library covers 100s of key modules, from core skills in communication, sales and productivity, to essential compliance modules (approved by Australian lawyers) to employee and management academies.

Fully editable!

Unlike every other online learning library, you can completely edit every module. Add policies, change images, edit video scripts, replace examples, alter quizzes and more. Customise in module in minutes.

Tap into ready-made modules - branded and editable!

Access 100’s of fully editable online courses from Australian compliance topics to personal development courses.

Easily integrate Tribal Habits with your key platforms

Automate training management for online and offline learning

Seamlessly combine the training you do online, with the training you do in person. Manage enrolments in workshops, webinars and online training to create a single source of truth for all your training activities.

Events management

Add online (webinars) and offline (meetings, workshops) events to any module, with registration, attendance (automated or rollcall) and assessment (pass, fail, score) tracking. Provide workbooks before a session or manage post-workshop surveys and activities.

Learning pathways

Combine multiple modules, including events, into guided learning pathways - fixed or free completion, optional and elective modules, discreet notifications and certification.

Easy enrolments

Manage enrolments via groups, uploads, rules, links, catalogues and more. Allow the platform to automate due dates, notifications, reminders and certification.

Learning analytics

Since learning content is natively created in Tribal Habits, you can track all learning contributions (not just simple completion data). Analyse learning responses, identify difficult quizzes, monitor compliance results - online or offline.

Detailed data

For native Tribal Habits modules, you can track all learning contributions - far beyond simple completion data. Run polls and surveys, collect on-the-job task results, capture uploaded files, key word search written responses and filter all data by roles and locations.

All-in-one solution.

You can track and manage data from events (workshops, webinars), continuing education (time and points), skills and competencies, external knowledge (licences, accreditations, qualifications).

Go deep with learning data and detailed reporting

Unlike other learning platforms, Tribal Habits tracks every learning contribution and outcome – responses, surveys, activities, tasks, quizzes and more. Combine with full tracking of job roles/skills, CPD/CLE and compliance.

Join leading organisations using Tribal Habits

It's truly effortless to use. Our transition from traditional to digital was smoother than expected. I cannot stress enough how great the customer and technical support is.

Lamey G


It makes setting up and growing a learning program from scratch simple to do, with a great user interface and terrific learning modules off the shelf - or bespoke.

Sally K

Carrol & O'Dea

Tribal Habits is an extremely intuitive product to use and administer. It makes building new course topics and deploying them to your business a breeze. Support is lightning fast.

Max R


Tribal Habits is so easy to use. In a day and age where the user interface is so important for people purchasing software, this was a big key for our organisation.

Darren M

The Lost Dogs Home

Tribal Habits is much more responsive than other learning platforms we have used before, where you request changes and it takes a long time to be done. We can just make changes instantly now.

Amy W


Tribal Habits' video feedback on the topics we created is amazing - really useful suggestions and so easy to follow. The system is so easy to use and our learners are far more engaged.

Danielle W

DV Connect

Passionate customer support

More than just a platform, our mission is to make an amazing training experience for your organisation and its learners. Our team of learning and development experts can help you plan curriculums, map out training, improve content and analyse learning data.

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  • Free content reviews

  • Implementation help

  • L&D advice

  • Content conversion

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