About Us

We are here to disrupt the way knowledge is distributed inside and outside of modern organisations. Join us on the journey!

Our beliefs

Knowledge is powerless in isolation.

We condemn the expert culture – we want to shift the way businesses think that knowledge sharing is key to business success.

We believe the modern workforce is embracing a sharing culture – we want to enable professional service firms to follow suit.

We want to take the egos out of business, and allow a platform for continuous learning for all. We embrace diversity of opinion and expertise.

We want to make learning, sharing and training results transparent – it should be easier to measure the actual impact on your business.

Our clients

Forward thinking organisations firms who identify knowledge collectivism as a key part of growing and scaling their business.

Committed to continuous improvement

Value the impact of knowledge sharing

Have 20+ staff and/or 50+ clients

See knowledge as a strategic advantage

Interested in digital transformation

Have growing or distributed workforces

Professional Services, Not-for-Profits, Franchises, Financial Services Groups, Engineering firms, Government organisations and more

Our culture

We strive to provide a transparent working relationship, that is focused on achieving measurable success in your business. We are passionate about creating real, positive change in your business and ours. We’re Australian too, so while we work hard, we enjoy play as well. Plus we are allergic to stress.


We believe that a fair and transparent workplace breeds great work. True to our reason for existing, we are honest about the impact we can make to an organization.

Our culture


We operate on a lean model. We use distributed team members around the world and are lean enough to respond quickly to our clients needs and ideas.

Our culture


We are committed to innovation, to disrupt the industry change the way people feel about sharing knowledge. We are not afraid of change, and to innovate.

Our culture


We like don’t take life too seriously, and encourage an relaxed and open environment. We get to know our clients and involve them in our internal planning.

Our culture