Active User Pricing: Your Solution for Unpredictable User Numbers

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Active user pricing models are great, but what if you don't know how many users you'll have? What if there's a spike in one month and a drop the next? These uncertainties might make it tricky to estimate your yearly costs. Here’s how we tackle it.

The Uncertainty Factor: How Many Users Will You Really Have?

If you’re like most of our clients, you’re not entirely sure how many active users you’ll have from one month to the next. Special projects, seasonal changes, or new training initiatives can result in variable user numbers. We understand that uncertainty, and that’s why our pricing model is designed to be flexible.

What is an “Active User”?

An active user at Tribal Habits is any individual—whether a learner, administrator, or content creator—who logs in during a calendar month.

Unlimited Storage and Creators

Store as many users, courses, and training materials as you want. Have as many administrators and creators as you need—all at no extra cost. Our focus is solely on the number of active users per calendar month.

Tiered Pricing: More Users, Lower Cost

Our pricing starts with as few as 10 active users and scales up in multiples of 50. The more you commit to, the lower your per-user rate.

Flexibility in Scaling

If your user count grows, it’s simple to move up to the next tier. We’ll pro-rate the difference, with zero penalties. However, you can’t downgrade during your annual contract period.

Smart Planning: Start Small, Scale Wisely

Not sure of your numbers? We recommend starting with a smaller plan with room for some excess usage. Excess active users are billed at the end of each month at the same per-user rate. This approach often maximises value, compared to underutilising a larger plan.

Use Our Calculators to Estimate Costs

To help you get a handle on potential costs, we can plug some expected usage scenarios into our pricing calculators that allow you to compare overall costs on different plans. This gives you a ballpark figure for your yearly pricing.

Significant Cost Savings

We usually find about 30-80% of total stored users login in any month (depending on how regular the training plans are). As a result our Active User pricing plans work out significantly cheaper compared to traditional stored-user pricing models, (even with a few spikes of usage!)

Control and Scheduling

Concerned about unexpected spikes? You can schedule or automate user deactivations to prevent any overflows into another calendar month.

Billing and Payment

You pay upfront for your annual contract based on a minimum number of active users per month. Any excess usage gets billed at month-end.

No Hidden Fees

All essential features are included in our pricing. No setup, maintenance, or support costs.

In summary, the uncertain nature of monthly active users shouldn’t deter you from making an informed decision about your organisation’s LMS needs. Our flexible pricing model and cost estimation tools are designed to provide you with the control, flexibility, and cost savings your organisation needs, and grow with you.

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