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Tribal Habits’ powerful features help professional services firms transform their expertise into staff training, client engagement and prospect marketing.

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Flexible Topics

Create learning on almost any topic, from simple reference modules on product knowledge to interactive sales skills modules with integrated on-the-job activities. Build compliance topics with quizzes to teamwork topics with social learning.

Simple or complex topics

Turn off all interactions to create simple information style topics, which are quick to create and quick to explore. Or create highly interactive topics with multiple modules, activities and more.

Flexible length

Create a 5 minute topic with a single video and link to a related document, or create an extensive 75 minute topic on management skills with many interactions and workplace activities.

Flexible content

Create a topic using just text and images, or utilise video to display recorded presenters, screen captures or demonstrated skills.

Reflection questions

Toggle ‘Reflection Questions’ to require learners to periodically respond to review questions and share their answers (anonymously) with other learners to foster social learning.

Contributed insights

Toggle ‘Share Insights’ to allow learners to contribute short pieces of expertise (tips, mistakes, examples) to topics. These insights allow a topic to expand and capture collective wisdom.

Marked Quizzes

Add marked quizzes through-out a topic to test understanding and retention of information. Add images or video above a quiz or just utilise text based multiple choice quizzes.

Graded Assessments

Toggle ‘Final Assessment’ to create a stand-alone set of quizzes for learners to complete at the end of a topic, with a required pass mark and retake options.

Learning objectives

Toggle ‘Learning Objectives’ to require learners to set a personal learning goal at the start of a topic and to report on the achievement of that learning goal at the end of the topic.

Multiple structures

Create topics based on a series of steps, a set of rules, an instructional manual, a collection of top ideas and other intuitive learning structures.

Offline activities

Add 1 or more offline activities to any topic to track behavioural change, implementation or on-the-job activity. Include file uploads and downloads, deadlines and notifications.

Topic version control

Built-in version control of topics allows you to publish topics with automated version, date, time and creator details. New minor and major versions can be published, with a complete audit history (including accessing old version) for admins.

Marketplace topics

Add Marketplace topics to your subscription plan to access unlimited enrolments by your staff in a wide range of training for professionals. Powerful learning, with consistent formatting, navigation and processes through every topic – and presented in your own branding.

Guided Creation

Turn anyone into a great content creator and knowledge teacher, with our flexible and guided topic creation process, led by our learning AI, Sage. No training or learning skills required.

Digital Coach

Sage, our digital coach, acts as your personal training manger, coaching you through the process of capturing your knowledge and creating a topic.

Plain language

Talk with Sage using plain language Q&A…and receive plain language feedback. Sage provides guidance on individual elements and your topic as a whole.

Dynamic responses

Sage provides on-going feedback about what’s missing, what you are doing well and what to do next.

Any creator

Allow any expert staff member to create a topic, or assign several experts to work together on different parts of a single topic.

Peer review

See live previews of topics ‘under construction’ and invite peers and colleagues to provide feedback on draft content.

Free Tribal Habits review

Any topic created by your staff can be submitted for a free review by Tribal Habit’s expert designers. They provide detailed feedback on structure and interactions, along with an additional proof read.

Multiple structures

Create topics based on a series of steps, a set of rules, an instructional manual, a collection of top ideas and other intuitive learning structures.

Flexible content

Create a topic using just text and images, or utilise video to display recorded presenters, screen captures or demonstrated skills.

Learn to create

Gain free access to Tribal Habits topics about creating topics! Get inspired through examples of other topics and pick up proven tips to enhance your topic.

Marketplace templates

Use template topics from our Marketplace to provide instant frameworks for content on popular themes. Edit as needed to rapidly create high quality, yet customised, training content.

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Engaging Content

Transform your internal expertise into beautiful, engaging online topics filled with interactions, social sharing, personal learning and an intuitive interface.

Intuitive experience

A thoughtful user interface, specifically tested and designed to boost engagement and learning transfer.

Clean interface

Content is created within Tribal Habits using the latest HTML and CSS design techniques for high readability.

Delightful touches

We’ve add a range of small, but engaging, animations, phrases, feedback and layout designs to surprise and delight users.

Social learning

Various interactions allow learners to view results and suggestions from their peers, creating a feeling of shared learning (not isolated experiences).

Fantastic video

Our integrated video application displays videos in a modern, clean layout which adapts to any screen and any bandwidth. Built-in auto-captioning of your uploaded videos for accessibility (cost per video).

Amazing narration

Use our ground-breaking Narration element to create fully narrated slideshows using only text (created instantly by our training AI). Add images or your own recorded voice-over. Works like a video but is created and updated instantly.

Great typography

We have utilised the latest research into computer based reading and selected fonts, screen widths, line spacing and formatting which suits online learning.

Personal touches

Learners are greeted by name, can personalise their journals, and can explore topics in their own way. Users have a personal dashboard with clear indications of topics to complete, due dates and user history.

Organisation skinning

Each organisation has a unique user portal, with their organisation name, logo and colours. The organisation name is automatically used through-out topics and navigation.

Easy reference

Topics are designed for both initial discovery and repeat viewing. Once a learner has initially explored content, they can quickly return to it without having to navigate through pages of ‘next’ buttons. This allows topics to be used for initial learning and then on-going reference.

Enrolment rules

Use enrolment rules based on custom user demographics (such as location, title, role, team, position, start year) to drive personalised topic recommendations and self-enrolment libraries.

Implementation pathway

All Admins receive built-in introductory tours and can access free training topics on managing their Tribal Habits portal.

Single Platform

Create a single, branded platform with full administration, reporting and tracking capabilities including automated messaging and downloadable reports. Manage staff, users and prospects with the same portal.

Powerful admin

Because Tribal Habits controls all content, you can monitor and report on a huge range of user and topic data.

Detailed reporting

Review, edit, delete and filter almost every user contribution and topic-related data easily and quickly.

Download reports

Download CSV reports, filtered or with all raw data, on almost every aspect of user and topic data in the platform.

One click set-up

Change the interactions within a topic with a single click – go from passive, information topics to complex, hands-on topics in seconds.

Admin dashboards

Use dashboard reporting for quick analysis of topics, activities and users, showing aggregate data instantly.

Automated emails

One-click options enable instant reporting to managers or other specified email addresses as users pass specific milestones.

Email invitations

Automatically invite new users to enrol in the system and set passwords with a system-generated invitation email.

Powerful filters

Filter a range of data to create on-the-spot reports showing exactly the information you need.

Dedicated support

Built-in live chat support for all Admins, including additional knowledge base (searchable with additional chatbot support) and live operational status.

Professional Development

Automatically track training time in topics, both online and offline, for professional development. Attached compliance notes to any topic. Report on hours of training for the last three years.

PDF topic content

Download a PDF of your topics (topics you create) including scripts from narrations and quizzes (with answers) for offline review or compliance purposes.

Managers and team leaders

Assign a manager to each user (team leader, client adviser). Add automatic notifications to managers for specific topics and milestones. Managers can review profiles and profess of their staff.

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