Business Case template for a learning platform

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Are you ready to bring the power of an online learning platform into your organisation? That’s fantastic news! Perhaps your decision is all that is required and you can immediately request a demo from Tribal Habits and get going.

Alternatively, while you may be ready to go, your organisation may require you to demonstrate the business case for this proposed online learning platform. You may need to bring other decision-makers or stakeholders into the loop and obtain their approval. Alternatively, you may want to simply take yourself through a process to ensure your selected online learning platform is a good choice.

In either case, what you need is a business case for an online learning platform. In this free guidebook, we provide you with a business case template for a new online learning platform – a template to help you create a business case in a way which is both efficient and persuasive. The business case template for a new learning platform provides you with two key parts to the process.

  1. The first part is a 6-step instructional guide designed to help you build your business case and get internal approval for an online learning platform.
  2. The second part is an example of how a fictional company, ACME Co., put this framework to use to get approval for an online learning platform to optimise the organisation’s induction processes. The purpose of part two is to show you the framework in action, but feel free copy and paste any of the wording into your business case if it serves your needs.

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