Case Study – Cardno

January 17, 2019 in Best Practices

Case Study – Cardno

Staff development through skill training

Cardno is a infrastructure and environmental services company, with expertise in the development and improvement of physical and social infrastructure for communities around the world. They used Tribal Habits to provide staff development to 100 global engineers.

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Cardno’s engineers collectively held significant client management and business development expertise.

However, with engineers located in dozens of cities, expertise in finding, winning and implementing new projects was not always visible and shared.

Cardno needed a way to engage with a diverse group of participants, dealing with multiple locations, clients and cultures, to capture business development expertise and drive growth opportunities.



Tribal Habits was chosen to provide an initial Business Development Academy, consisting of 10 topics across a range of key growth areas – building trust, developing proposals, managing productivity and more.

Subject Matter Experts from across the business were empowered to contribute their expertise into the topics, ensuring content was relevant and engaging.

The entire initial program was developed in under two months and delivered globally over a further two months to over 100 engineers.

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Participants were able to select topics from the Academy which suited their learning needs. As a result, 91% found new skills on-the-job, 82% said the program helped generate new business (even within the initial roll-out!) and 95% found the learning outcomes they were seeking.

Following this roll-out, the Academy has been expanded with additional topics and on-going delivery through the US and Australia.

Local management and subject matter experts are now able to host knowledge sharing events as follow-up to these modules, providing an completely internally driven blended-learning experience.

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