MOQdigital – Reimagining training in a high growth environment

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Business is booming

As a result of acquisitions and an impressive track record of organic growth, MOQdigital has grown rapidly in recent years.

With staff numbers swelling from 150 to 250 in less than a year, the business faced several challenges from a learning and development point of view. 

  • How could it continually induct and optimise the performance of its newest staff members while maintaining the culture and level of productivity its current workforce possessed?
  • How could the business improve, scale and track its current paper-based and face-to-face training sessions to meet its rapid growth?
  • How could the business be sure all staff were leveraging proven best practices to deliver exceptional results for MOQ digital customers?

With the support of the COO, the business elected to implement Tribal Habits to digitise its current training practices, optimise its induction process and ensure best practices were shared across its operations.

A clear choice

Tribal Habits was selected because of its ability to empower MOQdigital training staff to quickly translate its current training content into engaging, trackable online learning experiences

Experts at MOQdigital were able to engage with Sage, the Tribal Habits AI, to create training modules that captured their unique expertise and distributed this information to other staff members. 

“Sage is awesome. She lets me know if I’m on track or not and, of course, there are the free reviews of modules we create. These features made me feel very confident creating training in Tribal Habits.”

Lindsay Bastiansz – Manager Performance Enablement

The combination of digitising an existing training library and rapidly creating new interactive training content provided MOQdigital with a full suite of tailored training with a minimum of fuss and capital outlay. 

Delivering rapid results

After implementing Tribal Habits, MOQdigital had a fully functional, tailored, trackable learning knowledge transfer platform in place in a matter of weeks. 

The team can now rapidly create learning experiences that are specific to their unique business environment. These topics are bolstered by leveraging Tribal Habits Development library of ready-made topics which address broad professional development areas — providing MOQdigital staff with full development pathways.

Feedback from the team around the creation of content, traditionally a challenge in the learning development space, has been overwhelmingly positive. 

“Content creation is easy and fun on Tribal Habits; the system’s built-in structure ensures that content is organised in a manner that enables the final output to be exactly what’s needed. This gives me great confidence that my training will hit the mark.”

Lindsay Bastiansz – Manager Performance Enablement

MOQdigital’s shift to a digital platform has yielded vast time savings. Expert staff are creating online learning experiences once that are then shared multiple times. This has led to a massive reduction in the amount of time these expert staff need to spend running face-to-face sessions, allowing them to focus on their core responsibilities.

Essentially we’re getting better outcomes with less time spent“.

Lindsay Bastiansz – Manager Performance Enablement

The training has been deemed to be far more effective than the fragmented nature of the previous initiatives. The way the Tribal Habits guides creators to build practical learning experiences and the consistency the platform provides has vastly improved the quality of training and reduced the time taken to embed knowledge in new staff members. Videos, quizzes and reflection questions have significantly increased engagement and completion rates. A new company-wide training exercise delivered through Tribal Habits had a 95% completion rate within a week – far higher than previous efforts.

The team now has a centralised platform that can support the structured nature of their learning and development program. All training is now aligned with staff development pathways and can be reported on in real-time. This has immensely improved the induction experience for new staff members and is saving the business time and money in the process.

There is confidence within the organisation that Tribal Habits is helping instil ‘MOQdigital way’ of working across the team. Best practices and proven approaches are now easily shared and replicated, and the business is reaping the rewards.

The evolution of MOQdigital training

MOQdigital is now looking to further develop its engagement on the platform by diving into Tribal Habits analytics to identify learning gaps and create functional, company and personal development opportunities for staff members from these insights.


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