MOQdigital – Supporting employees and business continuity during a rapid shift to remote work

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To ensure the safety and wellbeing of its staff during the COVID-19 pandemic, the MOQdigital team elected to shift its operation to a remote working arrangement. The speed at the which the COVID-19 situation was unfolding meant the business had to act fast.

A process was needed to support staff

MOQdigital had some previous experience with remote working with around 60% of its workforce having worked from home at some time. However, this situation was different; the organisation required a defined framework to support the business and its staff while they worked from home for what could be an extended period of time.

MOQdigital looked to achieve two objectives with its transition to remote working:

  1. First and foremost, the Executive Team wanted to ensure the safety and mental health of its employees during this time of uncertainty and change.
  2. There was a strong desire to minimise the impact the COVID-19 crisis would have on its operation, by getting staff efficiently working from home in as little time possible.

An immediate response

When the decision was made to transition to remote working, MOQdigtial responded immediately. The team implemented Tribal Habits ‘working from home’ pathway. This series of online training exercises was built for the sole purpose of ensuring staff could make a smooth transition into working from home including specialised training for managers.

MOQdigital elected to access the following six modules from the Tribal Habits ready-made library.

  • Staying productive: Working from home
  • Duty of care for employees
  • Office and workspace ergonomics
  • Mental health awareness for employees
  • Colds and flu prevention in the workplace
  • Workplace health and safety fundamentals

These ready-made modules were paired with a custom module that the MOQdigital team created using Tribal Habits’ simple drag and drop editor. This module complements the Tribal Habits workplace health and safety training with further material that is specific and unique to MOQdigital’s operations.

“What impressed us most was that Tribal Habits were one step ahead of the game and a had prepared a work from home pathway. All we had to do was add a simple module that details some of our own policies to supplement the great training already available through Tribal Habits.”

Kelly Wilkes | Head of People and Culture | MOQdigital

The team MOQdigital acted swiftly and as a result, were able to create and deploy this training pathway in less than a day.

“This is a black swan event, we knew we needed to respond fast, and with Tribal Habits, we were able to deliver top-quality training in hours not days. We feel we were able to support our staff almost immediately in a time of great uncertainty and means a lot to us.” Said Kelly.

The results

MOQdigital was able to roll training out to its workforce within a week after the decision was made to shift to remote working. This highlighted the organisation’s commitment to the safety and wellbeing of its staff during the crisis.

Staff members were able to access training that empowered them to work from home safely and productively in no time at all. From setting up their work stations to advice about mental health and wellbeing during this period of remote work, MOQdigital had a plan in place immediately.

MOQdigital’s swift response has reduced the strain on its team members and disruptions to its business during this unprecedented time.


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