mIoT – Educating installers

The old method of providing customers with pdf versions of an installation guide led to confusion through the customer base. Some installations were unsuccessful at first try, and the team at mIoT dealt with many time-consuming support calls from customers trying to understand how to install the technology.

4 common mistakes in determining how long an elearning course should be

One of the top questions we see from people new to elearning (or even experienced instructional designers) is how long an elearning course should be? Yet most people approach this question with fundamental mistakes in their thinking. Let’s review four of the most common mistakes in determining how long an elearning course should be in this article.

Why you shouldn’t use PowerPoint for training!

When PowerPoint was originally conceived, it was as a presentation tool.  It was a way to help people visualise their thoughts and, when discussed and presented, to offer the audience to two mediums of information – visual and auditory. Training is more than just the presentation of knowledge though. When a presenter and audience are using Powerpoint, only one side is actually involved and engaged – the presenter. The audience are passive participants in a presentation, often sitting with their arms crossed merely observing the work being done by the presenter. This low level of interaction falls well below the bar required for training to be successful. You shouldn’t use PowerPoint for training.

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