Four key parts to a fantastic employee induction program

Building an employee induction program can feel like a daunting task. Where to begin? Where to end? How much training is enough during the first few days or weeks for a new employee? In this article, we breakdown employee induction programs into four components and review the most common training topics within each.

Great team introductions for employee induction

A key part of employee induction is to provide new employees with a sense of ‘who is who’ within the organisation. This typically revolves around understanding the different teams in the organisation, their roles and responsibilities and how to contact them. In this article, we review several best practices to ensure your online learning provides the most efficient and effective delivery for team introductions in your employee induction programs.

Three key reasons to prioritise online induction training

Starting a new job is one of the most challenging few experiences in life.  It is an equal mixture of excitement and uncertainty for employers too. By taking your induction process into a digital, online environment, the time required to get new employees to ‘100% productive’ can be shortened. Plus, online induction training can also help existing employees become more consistent and standardised.

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