How to select the best training delivery methods – Part 1

As your firm develops its training content, the delivery of that content is an equally important question. In fact, the selection of your delivery methods is probably a better first step, with content then built to suit. So let’s review the strengths and weaknesses of various training delivery methods as a starting point to building the ‘best’ possible training experiences.

6 step training needs analysis for modern organisations

Any professional services firm delving into training and development of its staff should first learn how to identify and assess training needs properly.   It is counter-productive to offer training to staff who do not need it, or to simply offer the wrong kind of training. A ‘Training Needs Analysis’ helps to put your often limited training resources to the best possible use. This article outlines a six steps process for professional services firms to map out their training needs.

The ultimate list of questions to ask training providers

When you are considering purchasing training, you need to ask a lot of questions to ensure the proposed training solution is going to be a good fit for your professional services firm. There are questions you should be asking internally to ensure training is a good solution, but also questions to be asking externally to potential training providers. In this article, let’s focus on the ultimate questions to ask training providers.

Scaling employee training with artificial intelligence

Employee training is evolving with newer technology assisting with a more dynamic approach to training and knowledge sharing. In particular, the use of artificial intelligence, machine learning and software platforms driven by big data algorithms is opening up entirely new ways to scale employee training.  

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