Choosing the Right Learning Platform

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Choosing the right Learning Platform can be a complex task. Of course, we’d love to say, “Just pick us, we’ve got it all!” But let’s be honest, depending on the length of your shopping list, there’s rarely a perfect option; there are usually some trade-offs.

eg If you want it a course builder that is easy for everyone to use, that automatically makes everything responsive and WCAG compliant – you’re not going to be able to customise everything the nth degree.

Every platform on the market offers something unique, with distinct strengths and weaknesses in different areas. Believe us—we’ve looked! So, it’s not just about finding a good option; it’s about finding the right option for your specific needs.

To help; we’ve compiled a checklist of the common things we see organisations looking for to make the process more manageable. You can use it to help identify what is a non-negotiable and what would be nice to have for your organisation.

Checklist to help you in choosing the right learning platform

  1. Can we create our own interactive content in the platform?
  2. Is the user data hosted in Australia?
  3. Is the support team local, what’s the typical response time?
  4. Does it have a compliance training library based in local legislation?
  5. Does it have a library of my industry specific training or can I make my own?
  6. Can it track different types of users (employees, volunteers, contractors etc)?
  7. Can it track external certifications, licences, qualifications, CPD etc?
  8. Can it work for both SSO and non SSO users?
  9. Is there limitations on storage? eg Videos, Images, Courses, Users.
  10. Are there limits to how many content creators / admins can be made?
  11. Are there any upfront set up costs?
  12. Is there onboarding & admin training provided?
  13. Are there built in tools like image editing?
  14. Does the platform integrate with existing HR systems or other essential tools?
  15. Is the user interface intuitive and easy to navigate for various user roles?
  16. Are there options for custom branding to match your organisation’s identity?
  17. Can I use a custom domain?
  18. Is there a range of reporting tools to monitor progress and performance?
  19. Does the reporting include all answers to quizzes & polls or just course completion info?
  20. Are there different levels of access and control for administrators, instructors, and learners?
  21. Is it mobile-friendly?
  22. Does it meet accessibility guidelines (eg WCAG)
  23. How much can be automated? eg notifications, enrolments
  24. Does it support different content formats (videos, documents, quizzes, etc.)?
  25. Are there flexible pricing options that suit the size and needs of your organisation, such as active user pricing?
  26. Can you map competencies and skills?
  27. Can the platform scale and adapt as your organisation grows or changes?
  28. Can I create multiple portals?
  29. Does it include features for collaboration and community engagement, such as forums and social learning?
  30. Are there any testimonials or case studies available that demonstrate the platform’s effectiveness in similar organisations?

We’re confident that our platform could be just what you’re looking for, but our ultimate goal is to help organisations make exceptional training programs. If we ever feel we’re not the ideal fit, we won’t hesitate to tell you, and we’ll even guide you towards a solution that might better meet your needs.


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