Compliance training

Compliance training is a vital part of your organisation’s strategy, boosting both your reputation and the bottom line. Despite this, it can be time consuming and dis-engaging for employees to complete. Tribal Habits provides a library of engaging compliance training approved by Australian lawyers.

Australian content

The Tribal Habits Compliance library contains every major compliance topic relevant to Australian organisations, reviewed and approved by Australian lawyers.

easily accessible

Knowledge in Tribal Habits is presented in bite-size modules, with estimated completion times, and accessible from any device. A fast, intuitive interface reduces learner barriers.

Reduced expenses

Knowledge in Tribal Habits is presented in bite-size modules, with estimated completion times, and accessible from any device. A fast, intuitive interface reduces learner barriers.

A complete solution for effective compliance training

Tribal Habits becomes a central platform for compliance training in your organisation. Your private, branded Tribal Habits portal can mix and match approved Australian content from our Compliance library with easy-to-create custom content of your own. Compliance, induction, systems training, personal development and more in one platform.

Engage sceptical and time-poor employees and workers

Compliance training is important and beneficial. Yet many employees view compliance training as an imposition. Tribal Habits breaks down employee reluctance by using a fast, modern interface – employees can start training in moments. Topics are divided into 3-6 minute easily consumable modules. Scenarios and videos are used where possible and assessments are focused on key information to ensure they are on-point

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Automate management of compliance training

Tribal Habits removes much of the burden of managing compliance training. You can assign compliance training to employees and workers based on their demographics (location, role, start year, title, team or up to 20 custom fields). All topics can have due dates for completion, with automatic email reminders (including escalation to managers). Managers can review completion rates by their teams. User information and enrolments can be managed by spreadsheet uploads. There’s detailed online and downloadable reporting.

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Combine your content with our Compliance library

With Tribal Habits, you not only gain access to our Compliance library, but you can also utilise our amazing Creator toolset to built training topics of your own. Experts in your organisation can directly capture their knowledge following our completely guided processes. All content – including from our Compliance library – appears in your branding with a consistent interface. You can combine our approved Compliance training with your own internal policies (including recording user acceptance). Build complete induction training on software, company values and compliance obligations in the one platform.

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Download the 'Australian Compliance Training' Guidebook

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Join Australia’s top organisations using Tribal Habits

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Amazing guided processes to create training content. Ready-made libraries to complement your expertise. Australian-based passionate support.


Modern learning and knowledge sharing platform, designed to shift training from a monotonous task to an active experience. Branded to your organisation.


Filled with clever features to enhance social and peer learning, automate enrolments and reminders and detailed online and offline reporting.


Simple monthly or annual plans based on actual monthly usage. Create your own content or add-on ready-made topic libraries. No implementation or set-up costs.

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