Invest in an LMS: Conquer Stakeholder Resistance with These 4 Powerful Steps

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So you’re looking to invest in an LMS for your organisation, but there’s a bit of push-back. Maybe it’s the effort involved, a tight budget, or just good ol’ resistance to change. While you can see how it could revolutionise the way you do things, your organisation’s tempted to stick with the old systems, even if it’s not fit for purpose.

Here’s some discussion points to hopefully get it unstuck. It’s geared towards Tribal Habits (or we wouldn’t be doing our job!) but these insights can help you make the case for any LMS/Authoring tool hybrid with amazing reporting, editable libraries & integration options… OK, maybe just Tribal Habits.

1. A Learning Platform is an investment, not just an expense: 

  • Boost efficiency and outcomes: When it comes to onboarding and induction, doing it without a proper learning platform can cause a heap of busy work, inefficiencies and poor knowledge retention. It’s very easy to recoup costs (and some) just in this area.
  • Pay as you grow: Having an active user pricing model aligns with value. If your learners aren’t training every month you’re not paying for them every month. It can grow as you do.

2. Starting with a Learning Platform doesn’t need to be a massive undertaking – Start small and grow: 

  • Quick off the blocks: There’s plenty of help and training to get that first version of your training program launched, even if you haven’t done this before.
  • Ready-made content at your fingertips: We have a growing library of EDITABLE ready-made courses. Use them as is, or tweak as much as you like to suit your organisation’s unique needs. They’ll automatically display in your branding so it looks like you made them. It’s a great shortcut, especially for compliance training.
  • Automation and integration: You can automate accounts, notifications, enrolments, and re-takes, and we have robust integrations with your existing HRIS and SSO systems.
  • We’ve got your back: Our team can also help convert your existing training materials and internal documents to get you up and running even quicker.

3. Take the reins with more control and flexibility:

  • All in one: Tribal Habits is an interactive course authoring tool AND a learning management system (LMS). Plus other built in tools like image editing and millions of stock images all rolled into one to cut down on other subscriptions you might need to make great training.
  • You’re the boss: All your content is yours and you have control. You can create, edit, and push out version-controlled changes with ease. No need for external costs or uploading clunky SCORM files.
  • Data at your fingertips: It keeps track of all learning data, giving you powerful reporting capabilities. Every answer to every question, selection & poll, and you can keyword search and filter all user data to get the insights you need.

4. Tidy up your processes and be audit-ready:

  • One source of truth: Keep confusion at bay with a single source of truth for your training & processes.
  • Many hands makes light work: Let multiple staff members create and manage training without any extra cost, promoting a culture of shared responsibility.
  • Accessibility and compliance: Topics you create are automatically made to be mobile-friendly and accessible, ticking all the boxes for WCAG 2.0 standards.

In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, clinging to outdated training methods is akin to playing a game with one hand tied behind your back. Choosing to “make do” with clunky, siloed training solutions ultimately translates to a disengaged workforce and missed opportunities.

Remember, choosing to ‘do nothing’ is a choice in itself – and it’s one that could cost you big time in the long run. By strategically investing in a learning management system (LMS), you’re not just acquiring a software solution – you’re making a powerful investment in your most valuable asset: your people.

A robust LMS empowers you to deliver engaging, accessible training that fosters continuous growth, boosts productivity, and ultimately positions your team for success. Ready to unlock the full potential of your workforce? Let’s explore four powerful steps to overcome any stakeholder resistance and pave the way for a thriving learning culture within your organization.


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