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Our Development topics complement your internal expertise, or provide a branded, private online training library for staff in minutes.

A range of proven training topics ready for your staff

While Tribal Habits allows you to rapidly capture and share your own expertise, sometimes you just need completed solution. Our Development topics provide a range of knowledge on important areas of development for all staff. You can accelerate a roll-out of topics, fill gaps in your internal expertise, or even unlock topics to use them as a template to quickly customise for your business. You can use our Development topics on their own plan, or combine with our Compliance or Creator plans.

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Unique features of our Development topics

Not all training libraries are the same. Many training libraries from learning management systems (LMS) offer an inferior experience to Tribal Habits.

Extremely high quality content from Australian subject matter experts. Topics are updated every 12 months.

Built in on-the-job activities (and tracking and management notifications) to drive real behavioural change.

Development topics appear in your branding and look as though they are part of your training suite.

Consistent design and interface through all topics (not a random selection of topics from different sources).

Topics allow your staff to add expertise and ideas, so they subtly customise to your organisation over time.

All Development topics can be managed with self-enrolment rules, custom due dates and powerful notifications.

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Use alone or combine with other plans

Use Tribal Habit’s Development library as a turn-key solution for your staff training. You have a private, secure and branded staff training portal with unlimited enrolments into our entire Development library. It’s a ‘plug and play’ staff training portal. OR combine with other Tribal Habits plan for extended features and solutions.

Development + Creator

Combine Development with our Creator tool set. Build your own topics around internal systems, processes and expertise and complement them with Development topics on more common issues. Or ‘unlock’ Development topics to use as a template.

Development + Compliance

Combine Development with our Compliance library for an entire suite of staff training. Cover every aspect of staff and management learning, from business development and leadership, through to diversity, safety and regulatory compliance.

All of Tribal Habits

Combine Development and Compliance with our Creator tool set for the ultimate in knowledge sharing and training. Mix and match your knowledge sharing with our range of ready-made topics. All with the same interface, providing a consistent experience for your users.

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