Digitise training

Are you still rolling out printed workbooks, unreadable PowerPoint presentations, PDF documents and repetitive 1:1 induction coaching? Tribal Habits makes it easy to shift your training assets onto an interactive, highly engaging digital platform your staff will love.

Rapid capture

Tribal Habits helps you rapidly capture and organise internal knowledge and training using guided processes and templates. Transform existing content quickly.

Single location

Centralise your training in a single secure, private online portal. Access training 24/7 in any location with controlled user access and detailed reporting and tracking.

Reduced expenses

Tribal Habits avoids having experienced staff waste time repeatedly inducting new employees in time-consuming 1:1 sessions, while eliminating travel and workshop costs.

A complete solution to digitise training content

Tribal Habits becomes the central platform for your organisation’s training. Your private, branded and secure Tribal Habits portal can rapidly transform non-interactive paper and files into a valuable interactive digital asset. Control access, track progress and report on outcomes with ease in any location, for any employee.

Consistently deliver interactive training

One of the great dangers in paper or file based training is inconsistency. Some employees training while others do not. Some employees receive the right information, while others are taught out-dated (or even incorrect) information. As you digitise your training content, you create the standard. Online digital training provides the same experience to every employee, every time, in any location. With Tribal Habits you can even activate version control to keep staff updated to the latest information at all times

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Dramatically improve training engagement

The effectiveness of training led by managers or coaches relies on their training design and training delivery skills – skills which are often lacking in managers and staff with no background in training. As you digitise training, you can utilise proven training technology to ensure knowledge presented in an interactive and easy-to-understand fashion. Employees can access training when it suits their timetable and job role, as well as complete topics in smaller, approachable modules.

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Centralise report and track training outcomes

When your training content exists in dozens of different files and locations, its impossible to reliably know what training has been completed. When employees read a PDF, there is no way to tell who accessed that file or what they learnt. When you digitise training you take back control. You can manage access and enrolments, set due dates and send reminder notifications. Managers can easily monitor training and actions from their employees. With Tribal Habits you can also capture a wealth of data to support training budgets and initiatives.

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Join Australia’s top organisations using Tribal Habits

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Amazing guided processes to create training content. Ready-made libraries to complement your expertise. Australian-based passionate support.


Modern learning and knowledge sharing platform, designed to shift training from a monotonous task to an active experience. Branded to your organisation.


Filled with clever features to enhance social and peer learning, automate enrolments and reminders and detailed online and offline reporting.


Simple monthly or annual plans based on actual monthly usage. Create your own content or add-on ready-made topic libraries. No implementation or set-up costs.

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