Employee induction

Align your newest employees to your culture and processes. Bring them up to speed as quickly as possible with consistent, repeatable onboarding workflows. Access to training is on-demand, removing the hassle of room hire, arranging trainers and scheduling conflicts.

accelerate induction

Tribal Habits allows employee induction to occur 24/7 in any location. New employees are inducted faster, reducing the time to productivity and boosting early engagement.

Consistent delivery

Employee induction is delivered the same way to every new employee via Tribal Habits. Consistent standards, policies and values are established in all locations.

reduced expenses

Tribal Habits avoids having experienced staff waste time repeatedly inducting new employees in time-consuming 1:1 sessions, while eliminating travel and workshop costs

A complete solution for efficient employee induction

Tribal Habits becomes a central platform for employee induction in your organisation. Your private, branded Tribal Habits portal immediately impresses new employees with a modern and efficient introduction to your organisation.

Introduce teams, values and ‘day one’ knowledge

New employees want to ‘feel at home’. Tribal Habits makes it easy to create team introductions as well as training on organisational history and values. You can introduce new employees to floor plans, kitchen rules, office access, social events, phone and email instructions and more. Better yet, your teams can create their introductions once-and-for-all, without having to continuously repeat the same presentation every week to a new joiner.

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Manage key compliance and organisational policies

With Tribal Habits, you can combine an introduction to your organisation with training on your key policies and procedures. Build your own compliance training topics, or import Australian compliance training (lawyer approved), to manage all compliance requirements. Set deadlines, track completion, automate reminders, provide certificates and more. Use enrolment rules to automatically assign topics based on job roles, employee titles or office locations.

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Teach critical software, documents and processes

Tribal Habits helps you create training on any topic – from how your computer systems work, to completing key internal documents, to the tips and tricks of your internal processes. Any expert in your organisation can capture their knowledge and expertise. Tribal Habits transforms this content into interactive online learning and transfers it to new employees. You can help new employees avoid common mistakes and prevent them from picking up bad habits from the start.

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Download the 'Employee Induction' Guidebook

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Amazing guided processes to create training content. Ready-made libraries to complement your expertise. Australian-based passionate support.


Modern learning and knowledge sharing platform, designed to shift training from a monotonous task to an active experience. Branded to your organisation.


Filled with clever features to enhance social and peer learning, automate enrolments and reminders and detailed online and offline reporting.


Simple monthly or annual plans based on actual monthly usage. Create your own content or add-on ready-made topic libraries. No implementation or set-up costs.

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