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How can our experts capture their knowledge into a topic?

Tribal Habits has a ground-breaking AI chatbot called Sage. Sage guides your experts via a ‘building block’ content editor. This allows Sage to understand what content is being added and to take control of formatting, layout and typography. The content editor includes sections, text, columns, images, videos, polls and more. Sage tracks the amount and type of content, and provides feedback on content within a topic. Content blocks can be moved, deleted and added to quickly reshape ideas. Live preview is available as you go.

How easy is it to update knowledge and content?

It’s simple. Any change is instantly reflected in the online topics. Fix spelling mistakes, replace out-dated images or completely recreate any aspect of knowledge in that topic…at no additional cost and it’s immediately updated for all users. As your organisation grows, you can add new topics, delete old topics or update existing topics to reflect the latest knowledge, processes and information. Instantly. You can also utilise version control to track changes to your topics over time and monitor completion by version for learners.

Is Tribal Habits a training platform, client management platform or marketing platform?

It can help with all three. Tribal Habits is about capturing and sharing knowledge. This might be in the form of customised training for your staff, allowing them to share best practices or learn about unique software or documents in your firm. However, you can also share knowledge in topics for clients, such as a meeting preparation topic for common types of client meetings. You can also offer topics to the public, allowing new prospects to sign-up and access your content. This allows you to build thought-leadership in your industry while collecting marketing data for your business development teams.

How can the platform be used with our clients?

There are a number of ways to use Tribal Habits with your clients. You could educate clients about how to use your products and services – How to, Tips and Tricks, Onboarding. These topics could promote upsell and cross-sell opportunities, plus reduce client support and service calls. You could provide clients with educational topics, on regulatory or legislative topics. If you create professional development topics for your staff, you could rapidly make those same topics available to clients. This might be a simple value-adding service, or perhaps an actual revenue opportunity. Another popular style of client topic is meeting preparation. If you have regular, repeating types of meetings with clients – annual reviews, project kick-off, project debrief, fact finding – you can create topics to send to clients before those meetings to better prepare them. Those topics can provide educational or informative materials to clients in a consistent, rapid way. They can also complete data collection activities and ensure you and your clients are ready to make the most of those meetings. These topics allow for a consistent approach to these meetings, either reduce the length of the meetings or allow the meetings to spend extra time on more valuable discussions, and ensure both you and your clients are ready to get the most from the time in the meeting.

Where is our data stored?

With the exception of video content, all data is stored within Australia on secure Amazon Web Services databases located in Sydney. Video content is stored in a dedicated video hosting environment through our partner Wistia. Wistia utilises secure Global Tier 1 CDNs (Content Delivery Networks) to ensure our streaming video is available in the best possible format and bandwidth.

Is our data secure?

We take security very seriously at Tribal Habits. As a partner with Amazon Web Services, we utilise a variety of benchmark security practices to protect your platform and its data. Our infrastructure is regularly patched for known vulnerabilities and protected by various cyber-security technologies including web application firewalls, Amazon Guard Duty and Amazon Inspector. Our development process includes static code testing and regular third-party testing for vulnerabilities and best practices. You can learn more about our Security Practices, or contact us to discuss your particular concerns.

Can we integrate with our LMS, HRS or Single-Sign-On (SSO) environment?

Most likely, yes. We support SAML 2.0 Single-Sign-On including services like Microsoft AD FS, Okta and Salesforce. We also have an API which your development teams can utilise to integrate two-way user updates with your existing API-enabled platforms. Each topic you create in Tribal Habits has a unique ‘deeplink’ URL. You can embed those URLs in your LMS, intranet or other central repository. If your environment supports SSO, then your users can navigate directly into specific Tribal Habits topics without the need to log in.

How much can we change the look and feel of our portal?

You can select a logo, primary colour and secondary colour from your brand, for your Tribal Habits portal. From there, the platform provides automatic styling of your portal and topics around those brand standards. The user experience in Tribal Habits has been carefully designed to maximise engagement and understanding in an online environment. We have selected fonts, layout, sizes and prompts which have been proven to enhance results from your users. Within each topic, however, you can add additional branding through your selection of images and videos.


What types of interactions are created within a topic?

Lots. Sage takes the content from your expert and transforms it into interactive online topics. So this isn’t just some passive PDF or intranet page. Sage works the magic and creates a various online interactions. You can toggle interactions on or off to suit your type of topic too, from basic reference topics to complex practical topics. You can also add additional interactions of your own, including drag-and-drop interactions, images with hotspots, aggregated polls and written surveys.

Is any existing content available?

Yes. We have a Marketplace of ready-made topics you can utilise in your portal. Our topics are created with the same tools as your own topics, so they blend seamlessly into your own library of internal knowledge. Topics appear to your users in your branding, with your organisation’s name and logo. As your users explore those topics, they will add ideas and knowledge unique to your organisation – transforming the topic into your own unique version of it over time. Our topics are full of automatic data capture, providing you with a wealth of information as explorers complete topics. We can also benchmark your results in topics against those of other comparable organisations. Topics can be utilised for single explorers, or your can purchase bulk enrolments. You can even purchase a license to unlock the topic, adapt the existing topic content in any way (perhaps adding your own templates or examples), and then use the topic on an unlimited basis within Tribal Habits. Our Marketplace topics can therefore fill the gaps in your internal expertise, or serve as a template to accelerate a roll-out of your own knowledge.

Can we get help in creating topics?

Yes. We can provide various levels of assistance in topic creation. First, remember that Tribal Habits has been designed for anyone to capture knowledge and create topics. It has very low barriers to entry and an intuitive, guided interface. It may be easier and faster to create content than you may first imagine. However, we can also assist your content creation in a few ways. First,  you can purchase and unlock any topic from our Development or Compliance libraries. This gives you a completed topic to begin editing. Second, you can ask our team of experienced content creators to create a topic for you – the cost varies with the level of expertise we need to derive from within your organisation. Third, every topic you create in Tribal Habits can have one free review by our own content creators. You can request this review at any time as you create your topic. Fourth, we can work with you to design a topic library or curriculum. Sometimes, just determining what topics you need is the hardest part!

Can we download our topics at any time?

Topics created in Tribal Habits are stored in a variety of content elements so we can manage the styling and data. So it’s not possible for a Tribal Habits topic to exist in the same format outside of Tribal Habits. However, You can create a PDF version of your own topics at any time.  You should already have the videos, images and files you used to create the topic. More importantly, you can always download all the contributions from your staff, clients or prospects from any topic, at any time. There is automatic CSV downloads of user responses, answers, surveys, polls, insights and quizzes from any topic.


Can people be reminded to complete topics?

Yes! We have a powerful notification engine for each training topic. You can enable email reminders as due dates approach or have passed, including escalating reminders so they also notify managers or other stakeholders. You can also enable notifications for enrolments, self-enrolments, on-the-job activities (starting, overdue and complete) and topic completion). Email notifications include information about the topic and user progress, with URL links back to relevant parts of the topic.

Can we store custom data and demographics about our users?

Yes. You can establish up to 20 fields of custom demographic data for your users. Five of those fields can be used for additional online filtering of data. All 20 fields are added to CSV downloads of data for detailed offline filtering. Each field can be individually determined as being visible to users, so you can use these fields for internal administration and sorting, as well as user demographics.

Can we create or update users via spreadsheet upload?

Yes! Tribal Habits includes a powerful ‘Upload People’ function. You can use a CSV upload to create new users as well as update any of their information, including any custom demographics. The process includes the option to download existing people in your Tribal Habits portal to create a template for quick changes. 

Can we set-up enrolment rules allow users to manage their own enrolments?

Yes! We have a powerful enrolments rules engine. You can set-up rules based on user demographics, as well as common user data (such as creation or login dates). These rules can be individually applied to each topic and pathway. Users who meet the criteria defined in those rules will see those topics or pathways available for self-enrolment. Topics and pathways can have multiple rule sets, allowing you to maintain separate or overlapping topic and pathway libraries for different types of users.

Can we enrol users in topics or pathways via spreadsheet upload?

Yes! Each topic and pathway in your portal has a unique code. You can use that code to enrol users in bulk in topics or pathways via the ‘Upload People’ function. 


How much does Tribal Habits cost?

Tribal Habits is a subscription platform based on ‘active users per month’. You can either pay each month, based on actual active users each month, or pay annually, based on expected active users each month. Annual plans offer a discounted rate and certainty of costs, while the monthly pay-as-you-go plan matches costs with usage. 

How are ‘active’ users counted in a plan?

We use an ‘active user’ measurement. An active user is a user who logs into your Tribal Habits portal during a given month. Once a user is ‘active’ they can log in as often as they like during that month and not be counted again. You can have an unlimited number of stored users – it’s only users who login who count. So it can also be completely different users logging in each month. 

Can I try Tribal Habits for free?

Absolutely! All new Tribal Habits portals begin with a free trial period. You can sign up here, plus select a few topics from our Development library, to get started. 

When are Monthly plans the best?

Monthly plans means that at the end of each calendar month you will pay for the number of active users on your portal that month, with a minimum charge of five users. This means your billing will vary from month to month, but it is linked to actual usage.

This plan is great when your usage is variable through the year. Perhaps your staff tend to do most of their training in certain months. Perhaps you are using Tribal Habits with your clients to prepare for key meetings at certain times of the year. This plan means that when your portal is quiet, and you are mainly analysing data and creating new topics, your billing will reduce.

This plan is also most suitable for smaller teams or organisations, who may only have 10-60 actual users each month.

When are Annual plans the best?

Annual plans mean that you select a subscription tier of expected monthly users and lock-in that payment. For example, the 100 User plan means that you can have up to 100 different users login every month over the next 12 months. 

These plans save money if your usage is predictable as it is significantly cheaper per user per month. It also still leaves you the flexibility to have more users each month than your plan, as you would just be billed an incremental charge for the ‘extra’ users in that month. You don’t receive a refund for any unused users each month though, so be sure to pick an appropriate sized plan.

These plans are also suitable when you need to work within a single budget approval (and not seek monthly expense approvals).

What if we have more users in a month than our plan?

That’s OK! If you have an Annual plan, that doesn’t limit how many users can log in – that’s just the minimum amount you will be charged in your plan. If you are on a 100 user plan, you can still have 101, 160 or 200 users log in during any month. Users are never prevented from logging in because of your plan. Instead, we will simply bill you in arrears that month for the extra users over your plan limit at the same per user price as your plan.

What Annual plans are available?

Our Annual plans are based on tiers of expected monthly users. You should select a tier which is closest to your expected monthly usage, remembering that you can go over a tier and just pay an incremental charge for that one month for the extra users.

Remember that each month you can have any combination of staff, clients or prospects log in – and then a completely different set of users log in the next month.

Contact us to discuss our range of Annual plans (which start at 100 active users per month, and then in multiples of 100 active users).

Are staff, clients and prospects all users?

Yes. Basically, ‘people’ are users. Your subscription is based on users. If you have an Annual Plan allowing 100 active users per month, that can be 100 staff, or 100 clients, or 100 prospects or any combination of staff, clients and prospects which adds up to 100. And it can be 100 totally different users every month. It’s unlimited stored users – its only active users (users who log in during the month) who are counted.

What payment options do you accept?

For Monthly plans we accept MasterCard, Visa, and American Express. For organisations purchasing a Annual plan, we also accept bank transfers.

Are there any set-up or implementation fees?

There is no initial set-up or implementation fee. We will set-up your branded portal and your first Admin user, plus give you access to a range of guided tours, training topics and knowledge base articles.

Alternatively, if you would like assistance in setting up users, selecting topics (including mapping out induction plans or your curriculum) or other learning and development advice, we can provide an assisted set-up service to support you and your team.

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