Amazing staff training for small to medium financial services practices

Simple and easy to use. Branded to your business. FPA-accredited ready-made content. Create your own training on any topic.

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FPA-accredited topics

Create your own staff, client or induction training on any topic, or combine with our Development library of ready-made, FPA-accredited topics

From $5/active user

No set-up fees. Monthly subscription based on active users. Unlimited enrolments in our ready-made Development topics

Private, branded portal

Drive engagement with your staff from any location. Use with your clients for value-added education, on-boarding or meeting preparation

Set-up in minutes

Designed for anyone to use, it’s like a ‘training team in a box’. Plenty of 1:1 help to set-up and get started with automated ‘set and forget’ features.

Why do many financial firms overlook staff training?

How often do you want your staff to provide better client service, improve their sales skills, work more efficiently or learn your internal processes? But for many financial services firms…

There’s no training manager or budget

Training focuses on technical issues

New staff receive no induction

Best practices are not captured

Internal standards are not shared

Staff are busy and tired of workshops

Support staff receive no training

Why do many financial firms overlook staff training?

Yet staff training is at the foundation of successful financial services firms!

Drive business outcomes

The world is changing quickly and firms need to keep their employee skills current in order to be competitive. Too many financial professionals only upskill on technical and compliance topics, but they need commercial and personal skills too!

Yet staff training is at the foundation of successful financial services firms!

Recruit high-quality staff

Large financial services firms promote career pathways, skill development and on-going training. When your smaller firm can offer the same benefits as larger firms, it helps you stay competitive for top talent.

Yet staff training is at the foundation of successful financial services firms!

Boost staff morale

Staff in financial services firms work hard. Offering on-going staff training provides a reward for your staff as they develop their professional skills. It fosters a culture of teamwork, innovation and collaboration.

Yet staff training is at the foundation of successful financial services firms!

Build business value

As you build staff training, you are capturing the processes which make your firm a success. This makes your firm more valuable to potential buyers as they know the important knowledge is captured within the firm and readily transferable.

Yet staff training is at the foundation of successful financial services firms!

Tribal Habits gives your firm a ‘training team in a box’ to extend beyond only ‘technical’ training

Tribal Habits brings innovative cloud technology to financial services firms for staff training. For the first time, any sized financial services firm can provide branded, customised training to their staff which is effective and powerful, yet only $8 per staff member.

Use Our Content

Use our Development and Compliance libraries give you an instant CPD-ready training library in your branding.

Create Your Content

Capture your internal processes, induction, documents and other valuable training using our simple, guided processes.

Branded Portal

Your firm receives its own branded, secure and private training portal. Use it with staff but also with your clients.

Upskill Staff

Your staff access modern, interactive online training 24/7 from any location. Engage clients in on-boarding, education or technical training.

Automated Management

Automated reminders, notifications, enrolment rules, CPD, reporting and more. You don’t need a training manager at all!

Australian Support

No set-up fees. Live chat support from Australia. Introductory guided tours. Free ‘Getting started’ training and more.

Tribal Habits can provide staff training options way beyond another boring technical CPD session. You can finally train support staff, standardise internal processes and drive client service skills.

It’s so easy to capture knowledge and expertise with Tribal Habits that anyone can do it. If you are spending hours making PowerPoint slides, you could spend less time making a fully interactive training topic in Tribal Habits.

With Tribal Habits, you can create a completely automated series of customised staff induction training topics available 24/7 to any new staff. Combine your own topics on firm values and policies, with existing Tribal Habits topics on sales and customer service.

Tribal Habits lets any financial services firm provide staff training, upskilling and knowledge sharing at the same level as a national business. There’s really no excuse not to have your own staff training portal.

Tribal Habits library of existing topics gives you instant, branded and high-quality training in seconds. Tribal Habits can even transform your existing training slides and PDFs if you are really pressed for time!

For the same effort as creating PowerPoint slides or a PDF document, you can create an interactive training topic. Your staff actually learn more, you can track and measure outcomes and its simple to update. It’s far more secure than a random document too.

Our advisers want more than just another OnTrack technical briefing or boring PD conference sessions. Tribal Habits’ topics help with personal and commercial skills, while still providing CPD.

Receive a detailed overview of Tribal Habits with features, case studies and pricing

Our Development topics FPA-accredited. Our Compliance topics are reviewed by Australian lawyers and SMEs. All topics – even those you create – have built-in reporting and certificates with automated calculation of CPD hours.

From $5 per monthly user. No other fees.

That’s right. Our plans start at just $5 per month for access to our FPA-accredited Development library. Pay monthly for actual users that month (with just a minimum of five monthly users). Beautiful, branded, automated training designed for professionals including on-the-job activities and reporting. Optionally add plans to create your own training or also add our Compliance library.

Get started in minutes

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