Tribal Habits provides free diversity and inclusion online training modules

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Tribal Habits launches free diversity and inclusion online training, in collaboration with the Queensland Human Rights Commission, for all organisations subscribing to Tribal Habits - branded, editable and entirely free.

Turning good intentions into supportive training on diversity and inclusion

Diversity and inclusion are increasingly important values for many Australian organisations. By building more diverse workforces, organisations can reap a range of benefits for all stakeholders. The challenge has been finding easy ways to improve employee awareness of diversity at scale.

Creating training modules on diversity and inclusion can often be lower on the priority list for many organisations which have limited training resources. Often ‘practical’ or compliance based training is given a higher priority for training creation.

Alternatively, organisations may have to purchase externally created online training, which is often…

  • Expensive
  • Unbranded
  • Developed overseas
  • Not practical

This leaves organisations with good intentions of providing greater awareness of diversity and inclusion to their employees, but with limited ability to do so.

Tribal Habits + Queensland Human Rights Commission

The Queensland Human Rights Commission and Tribal Habits have had a long partnership in providing valuable training on Queensland’s recent Human Rights legislation. As part of on-going reviews of the QHRC’s use of their Tribal Habits platform, we identified an opportunity to repurpose existing training on diversity and inclusion for free inclusion in the Tribal Habits Foundation library.

Tribal Habits is a unique online learning platform, which makes online training easy to create, engaging to learn and simply to manage. There are several features which help organisations readily create training, one of which are the built-in libraries of online training.

Unlike traditional learning platforms, modules in Tribal Habits’ libraries appear in each organisation’s individual branding and can be quickly and easily edited and customised to suit the specific needs of each organisation.

Among these libraries is the Foundation library. This library contains modules on universal topics which are likely to be important to all organisations. It’s a free addition for every organisation subscribing to Tribal Habits to help those organisations have access to some ready-made training content from day one.

The Foundation library includes modules on cold and flu prevention, stress management, unconscious bias, mentoring, coaching and more. It is the perfect location for additional modules on diversity and inclusion – which are now available thanks to the collaboration between Tribal Habits and QHRC.

Six free online training modules on diversity and inclusion

The new Diversity Awareness modules in the Tribal Habits Foundation library cover six important topics.

  1. Introduction. This topic provides an introduction to the concept of diversity with a focus on the business benefits of a diverse and inclusive workplace.
  2. Disability. This topic takes a look at disability in Australia and provides information and advice to help participants increase and support diversity in their workplaces. We examine what disability is, including models and types of disability. We also provide tips for communication and improving inclusion of people with disability in the workplace.
  3. LGBTIQ+. This topic introduces participants to some of the key terminology and concepts relating to LGBTIQ+ communities, sex characteristics, gender identity and expression and sexuality. We look at statistics and challenges in the workplace and in Australia for LGBTIQ+ people, as well as considerations and strategies for more inclusive workplace environments.
  4. Culturally and Linguistically diversity. This topic takes a look at culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) people in Australia and provides information and tips to help participants to increase and support diversity in their workplaces. We look at what CALD means, statistics from around Australia and employment challenges. We then examine some workplace strategies to improve inclusion of CALD people in organisations.
  5. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. This topic takes a look at how we can increase our cultural awareness in relation to Aboriginal peoples and Torres Strait Islander peoples. A review of history, language and statistics about Indigenous peoples leads participants to better understand the context and barriers faced by First Nations peoples.
  6. Taking action. This is the final module in the diversity package and provides a summary of the key points from the other diversity modules.  We look at how organisations can start to ‘put ideas into action’ to improve diversity in the workplace.

These modules appear in each organisation’s own branding to help promote diversity and inclusivity values. Organisations can mix-and-match modules with their own training and policies, or blend these modules seamlessly into induction training pathways.

More information

Tribal Habits is a groundbreaking cloud-based platform which makes online training easy to create, engaging to learn and simple to manage. Tribal Habits is fully developed, owned, supported and hosted in Australia, with over 75,000 users and growing. Contact us at or [email protected].

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