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Free Employee Induction Training

These training topics are similar to topics you might find in employee induction programs - core skills for modern employees. With Tribal Habits you can also create team introductions, software and document training, internal process training or combine with compliance training.

Managing your emails

This topic is about optimising the time spent dealing with email. We deal with email from the standpoint of purpose, composition, filing and work habits that can rapidly reduce the time spent handling e-mails. We also introduce email software features which can improve your email efficiency.

Business writing skills

This topic provides you with a useful set of guidelines to follow when creating all forms of business documentation. You’ll learn how to structure your written communication to meet the needs of your audience. We also review the common mistakes people make when it comes to business writing.

Free Australian Compliance Training

These training topics are from our Australian online compliance training library. These are fully functional training topics covering Australian regulations and inclusive of online assessments and completion certificates. These topics appear in your organisation's branding.

Managing staff underperformance

This topic is about helping you to maximise the performance of your team or staff. While staff performance often focuses on promoting the right behaviours, managing underperformance is just as critical. This topic provides some guidance on formal Performance Management discussions.

Workplace health and safety

This topic has been developed to provide an understanding of health and safety responsibilities in the workplace, how risk is managed in the workplace using the risk management process, and what you should expect to find in the workplace to help you work safely.

Free Best Practices Training

These training topics are from our Development library and showcase how Tribal Habits can capture and share best practices. There is no limit to the expertise, skills and knowledge which can be shared by your organisation in Tribal Habits. These topics give you a taste of what might be!

Confident business networking

This topic is about improving your effectiveness when in a networking situation. We look at how you can update your attitude around networking to set up for success. We then look at specific skills around preparing for a networking event and interacting at the event itself.

Coaching and developing staff

This topic walks you through your coaching toolkit - the guiding principles, types of coaching, coaching skills and coaching structures you can choose from when you're in coaching mode. It also provides a range of practical examples to reflect on your current coaching skills.