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Coaching and developing staff

This topic walks you through your coaching toolkit - the guiding principles, types of coaching, coaching skills and coaching structures you can choose from when you're in coaching mode. It provides a range of practical examples. This topic serves as an introduction to coaching and provides a good high-level introduction to the aspects of coaching.

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Confident business networking

This topic is about improving your confidence and effectiveness when in a networking situation. To begin, we look at how you examine - and update - your attitude around networking to set up for success. We then look at specific skills around preparing for a networking event and interacting at the event itself. The purpose of networking is to build networks, so we conclude with techniques to follow-up after a networking event.

Managing staff training

This topic is about helping managers and supervisors assist their staff to get the most out of training experiences. In this topic, we examine the three stages of learning and the role of managers and supervisors in each stage. We look at ways managers and staff can negatively impact learning in a training experience. We also examine best practice tips for any manager who wants to boost accountability, retention and behavioural change for their staff undertaking any training experience.

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Managing staff underperformance

This topic is about helping you to maximise the performance of your team or staff. While staff performance often focuses on promoting the right behaviours and rewarding performance, managing underperformance is just as critical. This topic provides some guidance on formal Performance Management discussions. Before starting any formal Performance Management activities, you should also consult your Manager and HR teams in your organisation and ensure that any decision-making is consistent.

Managing emails for productivity

This topic is about optimising the time spent dealing with email, which currently takes up to 23% of a busy professionals' work week. Here, we'll deal with email from the standpoint of purpose, composition, filing and best practice work habits that can rapidly reduce the time spent handling e-mails and even get your inbox down to zero. We also introduce a range of email software features which can improve or reduce your handling of emails.

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Running a training needs analysis

This topic is about how to run a training needs analysis step by step. You will take a deep dive into understanding if, how and when a business should consider a training plan. We consider how business outcomes should be set for training, how to determine training competencies and capabilities to drive those outcomes, how to identify the performance gap to be improved by training and how to prioritise training to meet the business outcomes.

Effective position descriptions

This topic explores how to create effective position descriptions, which articulate the nature and purpose of each role in your team. Moving through a five-step approach, and using practical, structured examples, this topic will help you create concise, effective and meaningful descriptions for your teams and staff.

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Workplace health and safety

This topic has been developed to provide an understanding of health and safety responsibilities in the workplace, how risk is managed in the workplace using the risk management process, and what you should expect to find in the workplace to help you work safely. We will explore common workplace hazards and how you can reduce the risks associated with those hazards.