Tribal Habits world-first digital learning coach provides complete guided creation of online training

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The training industry has made barriers to creating online training

Traditionally, the training industry has restricted the creation of training to training mangers (instructional designers or learning and development managers). The industry promotes the illusion that ‘only a training manager can create training’. This has been true when the tools to create online training are complex, with steep learning curves and no guidance through the process.

This leaves general employees in an organisation having to rely on software accessible to them – creating slides or passive documents. Slides and documents are not interactive or engaging. Documents provide no security, provide no tracking or reporting and no easy way to manage and control versions.

As a result, the creation of online training in most organisations becomes…

  • Restricted to the training team, causing bottlenecks, delays or limited coverage of content
  • Expensive to create, as it requires dedicated training staff or expensive external consultants
  • Diluted in range, as training teams are overwhelmed with requests and cannot cover everything
  • Ad hoc as teams give-up waiting for training and resort to ineffective ‘death by PowerPoint’ team presentations
  • Limited to purchases of generic ready-made training, which lacks context or relevance to that organisation

Traditional elearning authoring software and legacy learning platforms have simply strangled the flow of learning and training in organisations by limiting the ability for customised online training to be created.

Tribal Habits’ digital learning coach, Sage, provides guided creation of online training

Tribal Habits seeks to empower any employee with valuable organisational knowledge to capture and share their expertise via interactive online training which they can create. To do this, we had to develop a new approach – the guided creation of online training.

We knew that simply giving any employee access to existing elearning authoring software would not solve the problem – its too expensive to licence every employee and the software is too complex for most people to spend the time learning. It also provided no guidance. Employees may be experts in their role, but not in creating online training. Simply giving those employees a ‘blank piece of paper’ would lead to frustration, disengagement or poor quality training.

Enter Sage – a digital learning coach. Sage works within the Tribal Habits learning platform, is available 24/7, in any location and to any number of online training creators at the same time. Employees can click ‘Create Training’ and then work with Sage through the guided creation of online training on any topic.

Step 1 – Module framework and guided process

The first step is to create the overview of their module. Sage provides a simple framework and guided process, including help them select a suitable image to represent their training (from over 2 million stock images).

Step 2 – Module brainstorming

Step two sees the employee work with Sage through a guided brainstorming process to outline their module. This process takes 5-15 minutes, and helps the employee map out their training module, list key points to cover, determine the order of content and select a framework for their module. The employee can ask Sage for feedback and send their outline to colleagues for feedback.

Step 3 – Add content via building-blocks

With their training module outlined, Sage then guides the employee to build the content within their module framework. Employees can use an intuitive building-block editor to drag-and-drop content into templates with different learning interactions – interactive images, polls, matching exercises, flipcards, tabs, videos, Q&A exercises and more. Sage provides help with each template, including suggested best practices and common mistakes to avoid in their use.

Step 4 – Ask Sage for real-time, plain-language advice

As employees build their content, they can interactive with Sage for advice. In a world-first approach, Sage uses a series of proprietary algorithsm to review the module and provide real-time, plain-language feedback across 11 rules and 35 criteria associated with effective online learning. Sage’s advice ranges from encouragement when the content is enhancing learning, through to advice when the employee is overlooking important criteria. Sage’s operations are guided by data collected from within the Tribal Habits platform, across over 75,000 users and over 250,000 hours of online training completed in the last 18 months.

Step 5 – Ask Sage for overall module review

Sage also provides advice across the entire module, including estimated learning time for each part of the module, a personalised per cent score and consolidated feedback on key areas for improvement across the module. Sage’s built-in feedback includes over 12,000 words of advice, categorised into an interactive Q&A chat process to make it accessible to anyone creating training.

Step 6 – Request free review from expert human designers

As a final touch, once an employee finds their online training module is scoring highly from Sage, they can request a free video review from Tribal Habits expert training designers. This 10-15 minutes personalised review helps employees unlock the final improvements to create amazing, interactive and fully customised online learning on any topic. It also allows our expert training designers to continue to review Sage’s rules and criteria in real-world situations for further improvements.

Organisations can capture and share more training – faster, better and cheaper

By working with Sage, organisations remove the blockages and democratise the process of creating online training.

With anyone able to create training on any topic, organisations can start to transfer tacit knowledge, trapped in the minds of a few employees, and made that important information tangible and transferrable. As populations age and experienced employees retire, or as younger generations of employees change employers more often, Tribal Habits and Sage can help organisations capture important knowledge before it goes with retiring or existing employees.

Organisations can involve training in a far wider range of applications to help share best practices more widely.

  • Employee induction training, to promote organisational standards and values
  • Compliance training, to improve quality, reduce risks and promote diversity
  • Standard operating procedures, to ensure consistent approaches and reduce mistakes
  • Expert skills and knowledge, to boost productivity and drive better outcomes

The real power of Sage is the massive opportunity it gives every organisation to capture unique, valuable internal knowledge and use that to drive improvements across the organisation – transfer critical information faster, reduce training costs and budgets and ensure standards are the same across locations and teams.

More information

Tribal Habits is a groundbreaking cloud-based platform which makes online training easy to create, engaging to learn and simple to manage. Tribal Habits is fully developed, owned, supported and hosted in Australia, with over 75,000 users and growing. Contact us at or [email protected].


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