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Founded in Japan in 1948 and known for its high-performance power tools, HiKOKI underwent a rebranding from Hitachi to HiKOKI in 2018. Entering a competitive market as a new brand, HiKOKI faced a critical challenge: educating over twenty thousand retail staff about their products.

In response, they developed a training program that not only met the complex needs of a diverse workforce of resellers but also garnered Gold in the 2022 LearnX Design Awards. This case study explores the problem, solution, and results that led to this award-winning success.

The Challenge

The conventional face-to-face training approach by HiKOKI’s sales team was unfeasible for such a large audience, especially for their large national suppliers. In addition, many retail suppliers used their Learning Management System (LMS) platforms, requiring a solution that could integrate with various systems while still maintaining the quality and efficiency of the training.

The Solution: Tailored and Interactive Online Learning

1. Simple and Comprehensive Training:

Instead of relying on marketing material that suppliers would try to recite, HiKOKI decided to create interactive training modules that focused on how the tools work, helping learners retain information and explain the products confidently in their own language.

2. Customised Learning Experience:

Using the Tribal Habits learning platform, HiKOKI quickly crafted branded, easy-to-use modules filled with videos, interactive elements, and online assessments. The content was broken down into bite-sized learning components, allowing flexible learning.

3. Continuous Improvement and Streamlined Distribution:

The learning content underwent evaluations and continuous improvements. Tribal Habits SCORM link technology allowed modules to be delivered directly into suppliers’ LMS, providing insightful learner data for further refinement.

The Results

  • Positive Feedback: Suppliers praised the seamless experience, and over 4,000 learners completed the training within nine months of the roll-out.
  • Innovative Learning Approach: The learning steps and “invisible” updating process stood out as unique features that enhanced user engagement.
  • Data-Driven Insights: Collecting over 10,000 individual learner responses per module allowed HiKOKI to rapidly iterate on the course content, with more than 25 new versions created.
  • Comprehensive Training: Online training enabled a more detailed and up-to-date understanding of the products, supported by offline instructor-led sessions.
  • High Completion Rates: All topics boasted at least a 95% completion rate, with valuable insights collected from learners’ responses.


HiKOKI’s innovative approach to online learning has not only modernised their training methods but also made a lasting impact on their brand positioning and sales education. By embracing technology and aligning the training with the users’ needs, HiKOKI was able to deliver a rich learning experience and set the stage for future enhancements.

Through collaboration, creativity, and continuous improvement, HiKOKI stands as a testament to how modern learning solutions can transform a brand and ensure success in a competitive landscape.


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