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So easy that anyone can create online training on any topic

If you can create PowerPoint slides, you can create interactive online learning in Tribal Habits.


PowerPoint | eLearning software (e.g. Rise 360) | Video storage
Image library | Image editor | Document storage

Meet Sage!

The world's only online learning coach. Sage guides anyone through the process of creating great online learning. Ask questions, seek help and get real-time analysis and advice on your content. 

Expert assistance

Every module you create receives a free 10 minute video analysis from a Tribal Habits learning expert - advice on layouts, interaction, engagement and more. Combined with help from Sage, you'll be creating interactive online training faster than you can build PowerPoint slides!

Intuitive editor

Tap into 20+ building blocks with 40+ layouts all styled to your branding. Transform text into flipcards, narrated slides, interactive images and more. Tap into 2 million free images, built-in image editor and incredible video.

Get started quickly

A guided process, a building block editor and import/export SCORM content.

Building block editor

Insert a block, fill in the blanks and we take of all your navigation, data and branding!

Sage - your digital coach

Sage, our digital learning coach, provides real-time advice to improve your content.

Use amazing media

Video hosting, 2 million free images, image editor, embed from 2,000 sites!

We've saved time, money and effort

It would have taken us up to a year if we’d used a traditional e-learning authoring tool. With Tribal Habits we were delivering amazing training in 3 months, and we’ve estimated the cost has been about 25% of what it would have been had we gone with a traditional solution – James Hanson

Fully branded!

Every module in our library automatically adapts to your brand - logos, colours, organisation name. Seamlessly mix-and-match with your own content to fully engage your learners.

100s topics!

Our library covers 100s of key modules, from core skills in communication, sales and productivity, to essential compliance modules (approved by Australian lawyers) to employee and management academies.

Fully editable!

Unlike every other online learning library, you can completely edit every module. Add policies, change images, edit video scripts, replace examples, alter quizzes and more. Customise in module in minutes.

Import and edit 100s of ready-made modules in your branding

Accelerate your learning by customising ready-made modules or combine with your content.


LinkedIn Learning | GO1 | External training modules
Compliance libraries | Generic industry training

Complete ready-made training

Create instant courses, customise to suit or seamlessly blend with your training.

Instant compliance library

Key Australian compliance topics with online assessments and certificates.

Instant employee academy

Management, productivity, communication, sales, teamwork, talent, HR and more.

Import, edit and brand!

All library modules can be fully edited and are branded to your organisation!

We've rapidly instilled our internal processes

We had our training modules created very quickly and were rolling them out almost immediately to our staff. Our internal processes have been brought to life by Tribal Habits and made them accessible at the click of a button – in any location, at any time. – Sally King

Relevant and interactive training that engages your learners

Training learners will love. Our modern interface leverages media, social learning and interactions.


SharePoint | Intranet | Shared folders
Learning management system | Workshops

Dynamic dashboard

Every user's dashboard dynamically adjusts for their role. Urgent training is prioritised. Completed training can be quickly reviewed. Overdue training can be instantly identified. Upcoming events are highlighted. 

Fully responsive

Learners can access your training from any device (including mobile). The interface is fully branded, fully responsive and meets Web Accessibility Content Guidelines 2.1 to a Level AA standard. Modules are presented in a modern web-page style (not outdated PowerPoint slides).

Personal learning

Learners see customised training catalogues based on their role, location, title or any data of your choice. Managers have access to their teams, with options to enrol team members, send reminders and receive overdue training alerts.

Responsive to any device

Any device, screen or browser. No additional downloads. Consistent interface.

Social learning

Reflect on contributions from peers, add insights to modules and review live surveys.

Take the online to offline

Built-in learner journals for every module to capture decisions and actions.

Stakeholder engagement

Tag managers, mentors and coaches to training milestones to boost accountability.

We've delivered more - and better - training

The feedback in Tribal Habits helps guide our training efforts. If we identify gaps, we can quickly modify the delivery or explanation. Our training is now sustainable, repeatable and efficient– we have a system where we can create once, modify as needed and deliver often. – Melissa Haley

Learning analytics

Since learning content is natively created in Tribal Habits, you can track all learning contributions (not just simple completion data). Analyse learning responses, identify difficult quizzes, monitor compliance results - online or offline.

Automated admin

Reduce training admin with automated due dates, enrolment notifications, reminder notifications, overdue alerts (with escalation), certified dates, re-certification enrolments and more. Enrol via link, spreadsheet, group, managers or catalogue. 

All-in-one solution.

You can track and manage:

  • Events (workshops, webinars)
  • Continuing education (time and points)
  • Categories
  • Skills and competencies
  • Licences, qualifications, accreditations
  • External training results
  • Compliance and expiries

A complete learning platform for simple training management

Tribal Habits is an all-in-one solution – create training, tap into ready-made content and manage learners.


Excel | Paper records | Email groups
Learning management system | Survey forms

Set-and-forget enrolments

Automated due dates, notifications, reminders, escalations, retakes and more.

Powerful learning pathways

Build flexible pathways of training for roles, locations, teams, induction or compliance.

Single view of all training

Version control. Licences. Accreditations. Events. Continuing education (CPD/CLE).

Integrate with your IT eco-system

Single-Sign-On. LMS Integration. Secure URL links. SCORM import/export. API.

Trusted by leading organisations

Proudly built and supported in Australia, while helping organisations around the world

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