Tribal Habits helps online training creators unleash custom images for elearning

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Images for elearning are just too hard!

Online training allows learners to access content in any location, from any device and at any time. Without the need for printed workbooks, the options to use digital media – audio, video and images for elearning – are plentiful. However, media takes time to create and use.

Finding an image for elearning requires…

  • Searching for a suitable image which is royalty-free
  • Finding a high resolution of that image which can scale to any screen size
  • Cropping the image to the required size
  • Adding any addition image improvements – filters, text, mark-ups
  • Saving the image in a suitable format and size
  • Uploading the image into your eLearning authoring tool or learning platform

If you need to create 20 images for eLearning per module, that’s a lot of effort and time. Not surprisingly, too many online training modules have too much text and too little media.

The Solution: Tribal Habits + Pixabay + Doka

While Tribal Habits already had fantastic building-blocks to present images uploaded by online training creators, this meant that those images had to be sourced and prepared outside the platform. This created a barrier, increasing effort and reducing the likelihood of our amazing image building-blocks being used in the first place.

Tribal Habits approached this challenge by thinking outside the box. Unlike desktop-based software or old eLearning authoring tools, modern cloud platforms are able to easily integrate with exceptional technology from other companies. We were able to integrate two amazing technologies directly into our building-blocks.

Pixabay image library

This integration allows online training creators to search and import from over 2,000,000 royalty-free images.

Using the Pixabay API, we can ensure that suitable images for elearning are suggested, that images are imported in a suitable size and that the entire ‘search and import’ process takes seconds.

Tribal Habits Image library
Tribal Habits Image editor

Pintura image editor (Formerly Doka)

Once the image is imported, online training creators can then edit that image in location.

The Doka image editor is both powerful and simple. Cropping images takes seconds, while creators can annotate images with text and diagrams, apply filters or resize the image.

The implementation process for online training creators is seamless. Search, import, edit and save entirely customised images in seconds. Then use those images through-out many of the Tribal Habits building blocks.

  • Add captions (with dynamic image and caption resizing for all devices).
  • Add interactive markers to further annotate images with text or break-up large blocks of text.
  • Add audio to create narrated slideshows of images to tell a story or explain a process.

These features are available for any organisation with a Creator package at no additional cost and are accessible in any Tribal Habits building block which supports images.

More, better and customised images for eLearning

Pixabay and Pintura Website

Tribal Habits helps online training creators unleash images for elearning! In less than 30 seconds, you can:

  • Search over 2,000,000 royalty-free images suitable for eLearning
  • Immediately edit the image to crop, filter and annotate (text and drawing)
  • Save the image in a suitable format for all browsers
  • Use the image with dynamic captioning which resizes to any device
  • Add interactive markers, via Tribal Habits’ Hotspot technology, to combine text and images together
  • Create a narrated slideshow, with automated or recorded voiceover, to combine text and audio together
  • Insert images into any interaction, quiz or poll to bring colour to the page and visually represent key knowledge

The combination of Tribal Habits amazing online training creation technology, combined with the Pixabay stock photo library and the powerful Doka image editor, gives online training creators the fastest, easiest and most enjoyable way to transform text-heaving training into engaging, media-driven learning.

More information

  • Tribal Habits is a groundbreaking cloud-based platform which makes online training easy to create, engaging to learn and simple to manage. Tribal Habits is fully developed, owned, supported and hosted in Australia, with over 75,000 users and growing. Contact us at or [email protected].
  • Pixabay is a vibrant community of creatives, sharing copyright-free images and videos. Learn more at
  • Doka allows high-performance JavaScript image editing in the browser. A beautiful and intuitive JavaScript image editor that works everywhere and is easy for developers to integrate. Learn more at

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