Implementing Tribal Habits

No set-up costs, simple implementation and Australian-based support

No set-up costs

Unlike traditional LMS providers, Tribal Habits is installed and implemented within your business at no cost.

Tribal Habit’s intuitive interface means your staff can be up and running immediately removing the need for expensive consultancy fees or lengthy internal roll outs.

Step-by-step guidance

Implementing Tribal Habits is simple. Following our four step implementation pathway will ensure that Tribal Habits is a success within your organisation.

Most Tribal Habits clients have a fully functioning knowledge transfer system up and running within a week.

Australian-based support

Tribal Habits is designed and developed with simplicity and usability as it’s central tenets.

If for some reason you do get stuck, our Australian-based support team are always ready to assist you.

Want a look behind the curtain?

Want a look behind the curtain?

Tribal Habits was designed and built with simplicity in mind. But there is a lot of grunt work that goes into making it all tick. For a full list of product features click the button.

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Ready to see Tribal Habits in action?

You can start your free portal right now and test out some topics with your team. Or request a live demo and we’ll organise a virtual call to discuss your objectives and demo the platform.

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