Your implementation journey

Training and support to help you get your Tribal Habits portal running quickly and smoothly

Help for every step in your journey

We want to ensure your first steps with Tribal Habits are easy, successful and efficient.

An Implementation Pathway

We’ve built a comprehensive Implementation Pathway for all new customers and their admins, including training, support and optional consulting services.

5 core ‘How To’ topics

At the core of the Implementation Pathway are five Tribal Habits topics which guide you through all aspects of successful knowledge sharing and training.

5 free ‘In-depth’ topics

You can also access five free Tribal Habits topics which help automate or educate your staff around training – from developing Position Descriptions to coaching staff.

Dedicated live support chat

All Admin users in your portal can access our built-in live chat support feature. If live chat isn’t available, they’ll be emailed as soon as we respond.

Dedicated knowledge base

All users can access and search for our searchable knowledge base covering every aspect of Tribal Habits.

Optional: Knowledge Success Workshops

If you would like even more help, we offer an optional Knowledge Success Workshop package with a series of private, live workshops for you and your team.

The Implementation Pathway

At the heart of our implementation process are our free core ‘How to’ topics. Each interactive topic is free for all your Admins. They provide clear instructions and examples for every aspect of the implementation process.


Setting up your portal

You’ll find this topic waiting for you when you first start a Tribal Habits portal – and its then available for all your portal Admins. It covers your portal set up (branding, settings), creating new users, creating your first topics and an overview of reporting options.

Setting up your portal


Mapping out a training plan

Tribal Habits gives you access to unlimited training topics…because you can capture any internal knowledge on any topic. Plus you can access our Marketplace of existing topics. This topic helps you map out what topics to create. It includes process to create position descriptions (including a training topic for your managers), survey staff for training needs (including a training topic for all staff to create personal training plans) and a step-by-step process to run a complete training needs analysis.

Mapping out a training plan


Creating your training content

Once you have determined your training plans, this topic helps you identify suitable training content. It includes tips on using our Marketplace topics, how to find and manage your internal experts to create topics in Tribal Habits and how to integrate Tribal Habits with offline training (Workshops, Webinars, Coaching).

Creating your training content


Measuring training success

With your training plan and topic creation underway, this topic helps you build a culture of training success. It looks at ways to help your managers support your training initiatives (including a topic for managers about helping their staff in training), how to create training culture and KPIs and using the various reporting options in Tribal Habits.

Measuring training success


Tribal Habits Best Practices

The final topic in your implementation process contains our latest and greatest best practices from other Admins – it’s all the little tips and tricks on getting the most from Tribal Habits: topic versions, CPD management, notifications, data management, assessments and on-the-job activities. It’s constantly updated so you can always check out the latest tips.

Tribal Habits Best Practices

Download a one-page overview of our Implementation Pathway to use in your Tribal Habits review and planning process.

Use our Implementation Pathway on your own, or get some extra help if you need it

We’ve built our implementation plan to help any business starting with Tribal Habits. Access all the topics in your pathway straight-away and at your own pace. However, we can also provide specialist help to guide you through the process and take your training plans to the next level.

Follow the Implementation Pathway: Free!

Our entire implementation pathway, including in-depth training on position descriptions, personal training plans, training needs analysis, managing staff training and coaching staff is free with every Tribal Habits plan. As you complete the core implementation topics, our support team will also review your questions and provide proactive answers. 100% free and ready to go now.

Use our Implementation Pathway on your own, or get some extra help if you need it

Knowledge Success Package: $3,000

Alternatively, you can also activate our Knowledge Success Package which gives you a private, tailored implementation service. You’ll be assigned a dedicated Implementation Specialist who will work with your team to accelerate your roll-out, guide you through key decisions and help create a fantastic training plan. This service includes four x 60-90 minute virtual sessions with you and your team through-out your implementation journey.

Use our Implementation Pathway on your own, or get some extra help if you need it

Induction Design Package: $3,000

This package focuses on one of the most popular uses for Tribal Habits – Induction training. In this package, we use four x 60-90 minute virtual sessions with you and your team to design a comprehensive induction program for your firm. This includes the training plan and topic selection, but also success measures, content sourcing and the selection of your internal experts.

Use our Implementation Pathway on your own, or get some extra help if you need it

Now that you know what to expect, what are your next steps?

You can start your free portal right now and test out some topics with your team. Or request a live demo and we’ll organise a virtual call to discuss your objectives and demo the platform.

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