The learning platform for aged care providers

Tribal Habits customised online training ensures your staff are performing optimally and delivering exceptional outcomes for your residents. From training to compliance, induction, and best practice sharing, Tribal Habits is the learning platform for aged care providers.

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We know how to help Australian aged care providers

About you

Legislative changes and shifting customer expectations mean that training for aged care providers can be a moving feast.

Knowledge and proven approaches exist within your organisation however, not everyone has access to them. Capturing and sharing the knowledge that exists within your organisation significantly improves the care you provide and makes your organisation more agile when it comes to responding to change.

About Tribal Habits

Tribal Habits is an Australian-based digital learning platform which helps optimise employee induction, drive compliance training and share best practices.

We help aged care organisations save money on training while making knowledge available to everyone involved in the organisation regardless of their location. We can help you standardise processes, share best practices and boost commercial skills.

Why aged care providers use Tribal Habits

We aren't another learning management system nor are we a technical-training provider. Tribal Habits helps you capture and transfer knowledge within your organisation - processes, software, documents, skills, knowledge and more. Power your induction, compliance, best practice, product knowledge or technical training like never before.

Create the training your organisation needs

Emotional intelligence, empathy, integrity and respect are critical skills in the aged care industry. Generic training approaches to training will not get you the results you need in these areas.

Tribal Habits provides a guided process that allows your staff to create training based on their unique knowledge and proven approaches. These learning experiences can then be transferred across your entire organisation, ensuring best practice becomes common practice.

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Your team are working 24/7 so your training should be too

With a team that works night-shifts and weekends, getting everyone together for training can be a tall order.

Shifting elements of your training load to an online solution dramatically reduces the administrative burden of arranging and delivering training. Tribal Habits training is accessible 24 hours a day seven days a week. Simply assign training modules to your users, set a due date and let them complete the work in their own time.

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Ensure compliance

Whether it's government requirements or adherence to your operating procedures, compliance is critically important in the aged care sector.

Tribal Habits brings compliance training to life, with videos, quizzes, on-the-job assessments and more. Access our extensive library of compliance training that's regularly reviewed and approved by Australian lawyers and supplement this with self-created training tailored precisely to your organisation's requirements.

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Location-specific training

Tribal Habits supports standardisation of training across your sites so you can rest assured that your entire team has access to the latest material regardless of their location.

If you operate multiple locations, it's likely your training requirements will vary slightly from site to site. Tribal Habits allows you to quickly create supplemental training that is specific to each of your sites.

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No setup fees. Pay as you grow

The aged care industry is growing rapidly. Our platform is designed to grow as with your organisation, allowing you to start small and scale over time.

Unlike most learning platforms, Tribal Habits offers
No deployment fees
No implementation or set-up fees
No on-going support fees
Flexible monthly subscriptions
Pay only for actual monthly users

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All the key features modern aged care providers need to boost learning outcomes

All content in your branding

Professional development training modules

Australian compliance training modules

Create your own training in minutes

Automate induction for new staff

Provide training for all roles

Pay only for actual usage

Available 24 hours a day on any device

Fully supported from Australia

All this for less than a coffee?

Your own private, branded cloud training platform starts from just $5 per user.
No set-up fees. Pay only for actual use. There's really no excuse!

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Australian support for Australian organisations

Just like you, we are based in Australia. Tribal Habits is proudly designed, built and operated from Australia. All support is provided from Australian teams in Australia business hours.

Your administrators receive free upfront training as they establish their portal along with access to our extensive knowledge base, support webinars and built-in training topics. We are with you all the way.

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Get started in minutes

Speak to our team today and we'll provide you with an overview of Tribal Habits
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