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Tribal Habits is the perfect platform for hospitality—mobile friendly compliance and induction, professional development and easy administration.

Hospitality Compliance Screen

Learning management systems are usually designed to suit enterprise organisations found in the US / European markets with 1,000s of employees. They assume your organisation has inhouse training resources, access to specialist elearning designers and a large budget.

Yet most businesses in the hospitality sector have casual staff, limited training resources, and a distinct Australian focus. 

They need something that will work for casual staff with personal emails on their mobile devices.

We created a learning platform to make it easy to whip up new courses or edit from a library of ready-made topics—from hospitality and compliance to leadership development.

Hospitality Workers

Manage Casual Staff Effectively

If you’ve got a lot of seasonal or casual staff, our active user plans will save you a lot of money.

You can store as many users and training histories in the platform as you like. Users only count as a ‘active user’ for that month when they login at least once. If they don’t login that month—they don’t count.

There’s also a load of automation options, so you can setup a seamless onboarding experience for your staff. 

You can store all of their qualifications and required licences and checks, along with expiry dates. 

Hospitality training included

Our subscriptions come with a library of 300+ topics. All of which are completely editable, and automatically appear in your branding.

This also includes a suite of hospitality topics that we regularly add to. They can be used as is, or you can edit to make it more relevant to your business.

There’s also compliance training which is checked by Australian & NZ lawyers to ensure it’s inline with latest legislation and best practice, as well as a lot of training for professional development such as management training and soft skills.

Tribal Habits is the simplest option for e-learning! Both users and admins can quickly jump in and use the platform with ease. It does exactly what we need!

Georgia S. - HR Manager


Integration with other platforms

Tribal Habits can also sync data between a lot of your favourite platforms. A great example of this is your HR / payroll platform.

Having these systems integrated can reduce a lot of effort.

Your admins no longer have to upload or create new users. Users can be automatically created in Tribal Habits from your HR or Payroll platform.

This also allows for better consistency, as your user details change in HR or Payroll platform, then your users in Tribal Habits will also be updated.

Digital learning transformation

At the heart of Tribal Habits is an intuitive course builder that anyone can use – you select from 50+ templated interactive building blocks and enter in your content. The platform will automatically make what you create work well on mobile devices.

Quickly build induction training on common processes and skills. Works well for reducing repetitive 1:1 training currently done for each new employee while also making that training consistent. 

Tribal Habits was a breeze to implement for our organisation, within 1 hour the portal was customised to our company. I was able to upload all initial users to the portal, and when new hires commence, or there are changes to the management team this is done efficiently through the uploads.

Megan R. - Manager People and Culture in Australia


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