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As a professional service firm, the knowledge and expertise of your people is your biggest asset.

This knowledge, however, is often siloed, meaning not everyone in your organisation has access to best practices. Capturing and sharing the knowledge that exists within your organisation greatly increases the productive output of your team – delivering better client outcomes, increasing utilisaiton and creating a more profitable operation.

About Tribal Habits

Tribal Habits is an Australian-based digital learning platform which helps optimise employee induction, drive compliance training and share best practices.

We help professional services organisations save money on training while making knowledge available to everyone involved in the organisation regardless of their location. We can help you standardise processes, share best practices and boost commercial skills.

Why professional services organisations use Tribal Habits

We aren’t another learning management system nor are we a technical training provider. Tribal Habits helps you capture and transfer knowledge within your organisation – processes, software, documents, skills, knowledge and more. Power your induction, compliance, best practice, product knowledge or technical training like never before.

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Empower your employees to create training content

When emotional intelligence, analytical skills and problem-solving methods matter, a generic approach to training will not get you the results you need.

Tribal Habits provides a guided process that allows your staff to create training based on their unique knowledge and proven approaches. These learning experiences can then be transferred across your entire organisation, ensuring best practice becomes common practice.

Move your training into the 21st century

Your organisation is digital, shouldn’t your training be too? No more printed workbooks, unreadable PowerPoint presentations, PDF documents and repetitive 1:1 induction coaching.

Tribal Habits allows you to quickly move away from clunky, inconsistent and ineffective training practices to an interactive, highly engaging digital platform your staff will love.

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Boost revenue through client skills

Staff in professional services organisations may be experts in their field, but they often lack commercial skills. Client-facing staff are assumed to have client-facing skills, but many do not!

With Tribal Habits you can tap into our library of ready-made content AND capture and share your own internal best practices on… sales optimisation, cross-selling, running client meetings, building client engagement, updating your CRM, writing proposals, tender responses, managing time and much more.

Simple and automated administration

If you’re like most professional service firms, you don’t have dedicated training staff. Tribal Habits has been designed for anyone to use – it’s not a complex learning management system which requires expert learning staff to operate. So if managing training and development is only part of your role, Tribal Habits is the system for you.

Our interface is modern, branded to your organisation and easy to use. Training modules in Tribal Habits are available on any device, in any location at any time. And it’s filled with automated features to management enrolments, send reminders, prepare certificates and more.

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No setup fees. Pay as you grow

Our platform is designed to grow as with your organisation, allowing you to start small and scale over time.

Unlike most learning platforms, Tribal Habits offers

  • No deployment fees
  • No implementation or set-up fees
  • No on-going support fees
  • Flexible monthly subscriptions
  • Pay only for actual monthly users

All the key features professional services firms need to boost learning outcomes

All content in your branding

Professional development training modules

Australian compliance training modules

Create your own training in minutes

Automate induction for new staff

Provide training for all roles

Pay only for actual usage

Available 24 hours a day on any device

Fully supported from Australia

Our pricing is transparent, with no hidden fees

Australian support for Australian organisations

Just like you, we are based in Australia. Tribal Habits is proudly designed, built and operated from Australia. All support is provided from Australian teams in Australia business hours.

Your administrators receive free upfront training as they establish their portal along with access to our extensive knowledge base, support webinars and built-in training topics. We are with you all the way.
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Trusted by leading organisations

Proudly made and supported here, designed for Australian and New Zealand organisations​

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