Internal Processes

Your business is unique. Over the years, your organisation and its staff have developed processes and behaviours that are proven to work in your unique environment. Tribal allows you to capture and share these approaches, ensuring your team go about things in the right way.

rapid capture

Tribal Habits helps you rapidly capture and organise internal knowledge and training using guided processes and templates. Transform existing content quickly.

consistent delivery

Internal processes can be delivered the same way to every new employee via Tribal Habits. Consistent standards, policies and values are established in all locations.


Tribal Habits allows internal process to be accessed 24/7 in any location. New employees are inducted faster, reducing errors and boosting early engagement.

A complete solution for consistent internal processes

Tribal Habits is your platform to capture and transfer internal processes. Your private, branded Tribal Habits portal acts as both an initial training process (complete with assessments) and as a reference website to help employees revisit key parts and avoid common mistakes.

Ensure consistency in internal processes

Most organisations spend time carefully developing internal processes…only to watch as those processes are changed ‘in the field’. Without proper training, internal processes evolve each time they are passed between staff. Meanwhile, new locations or teams develop similar – but different – versions of the same processes. Inconsistencies in training and process delivery creep in. Tribal Habits eliminates these issues by providing a single source of truth for training on internal processes.

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Improve efficiencies and reduce mistakes

Inconsistencies in internal processes lead to inefficiencies and mistakes. This is where Tribal Habits shines. Tribal Habits capture not only the steps in your processes (complete with images, videos, interactive screenshots and more), it also captures the know-how behind those processes. Your experienced staff can share insights on improving efficiency, handling unusual scenarios and avoiding common mistakes. Capture your processes AND the best way to use them.

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Eliminate risks from staff turnover and induction

Your organisation and staff spend months or years honing your internal processes. Then your staff leave. If you have documented those processes – in a way which other people can learn from – then you lose valuable knowledge from your organisation. Internal processes may need to be completely recreated. Efficiency drops and mistakes return. Tribal Habits allows you to capture those processes once and well. Tribal Habits topics can be readily updated as processes evolve and new staff inducted into correct methods in record time.

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Amazing guided processes to create training content. Ready-made libraries to complement your expertise. Australian-based passionate support.


Modern learning and knowledge sharing platform, designed to shift training from a monotonous task to an active experience. Branded to your organisation.


Filled with clever features to enhance social and peer learning, automate enrolments and reminders and detailed online and offline reporting.


Simple monthly or annual plans based on actual monthly usage. Create your own content or add-on ready-made topic libraries. No implementation or set-up costs.

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