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Founded in 2017 and integrated into the Madison Group to support key product development requirements and market sector focus, Kallipr began the design, development, and manufacture of the Captis range. Kallipr’s mission has been to provide cutting edge, cellular-based IoT monitoring and measurement solutions. In addition to IoT technology innovation, Kallipr also strives to create long-term sustainability solutions for the businesses it services and the greater community.

The organisation has a unique product called Captis. Captis provides the edge in IoT-enabled data logging across a range of industries – a universal solution for remote monitoring and measurement over cellular networks, connecting to various sensors, meters, and gauges for use across a range of applications.

Kallipr has seen high levels of interest in its Captis product. One challenge of such rapid growth has been installing and implementing the product at worksites across the country.

Kallipr needed a way of teaching its customers how to install its range of Captis products correctly. The team had previously relied on static installation guides captured in pdf documents, however it was critical to Kallipr that their Captis devices were installed correctly in the first instance to ensure customer satisfaction.

The old method of providing customers with pdf versions of an installation guide led to confusion through the customer base. Some installations were unsuccessful at first try, and the team at Kallipr dealt with many time-consuming support calls from customers trying to understand how to install the technology.

Because Captis is often deployed at scale (at times sold in the hundreds or thousands of units), the customer needs to have the installation process mastered before commencing deployment. With the enormous volumes being sold and the fact that they were installed all over the country (often in remote locations), in-person training was never an option for Kallipr. To provide installation training that was scalable and would put its customers on the right track, an online interactive solution was required.

Leaders at Madison Group had previous experience with the Tribal Habits platform and knew that the way it enabled staff to create and share engaging online training would make it a perfect fit for delivering the Captis installation training that Kallipr required.

Development / Implementation

In terms of creating the training, the challenge for the team at Kallipr was to take a static pdf document and turn it into an interactive online learning tool that would engage learners and provide them with the knowledge and approaches they need to implement the technology successfully.

The project was led by a Marketing Executive who had no previous experience in creating online learning. This employee took the installation guide and worked closely with the engineering team to understand what parts of the implementation process needed to be tweaked and expanded upon so that those installing the devices would have all the information they need to do the job correctly.

Interviews were also held with the Kallipr support team to understand where past customers had made mistakes in their installation of the product. This would provide critical direction for the new training being created.

In March 2020, the team collated its feedback and finalised the content it wanted to share. It then went into creation mode. Leveraging elements such as detailed product shots, video and online assessments, the team created an incredibly clean and effective piece of online training that communicated precisely how to install the Captis device.

In April, the course was tested internally by the team and feedback was given for final changes. A soft rollout, mainly to one of their primary suppliers, was carried out from April through to August. 17th August 2020, a Captis Installation Training page was added to the Kallipr website, which enabled registration and payment for enrolment into the course for Kallipr’s broader customer base.

How it’s going

Feedback from the initiative has been incredibly positive. End users report that online learning provides far more detail and instruction than the previous pdf training provided.

Learners have highlighted the use of video as a critical improvement to the training as it allows Kallipr to demonstrate the installation process in parts rather than simply have them read about the process.

The fact that the course is broken into steps means users can do part of the training dependent on time constraints and come back to exactly where they left off, which has removed the need for printing and holding onto the hard copy guides.

Support staff have also provided positive feedback stating they are spending far less time supporting installations since the training rollout. The training has made installers far more self-sufficient and means that support staff are only called for exceptions.

A number of Kallipr’s larger clients that were more accustomed to long and static documents being used to communicate training from products were incredibly impressed by the level of interaction and engagement the online training presented.


The metric that Kallipr has been most impressed with off the back of its online training rollout is the completion rate. 90% of learners enrolled in the course have completed the training. This provides Kallipr with a considerable level of confidence that its Captis devices are being installed correctly.

The team at Kallipr has estimated that for every instance of completed training by an installer, there have been approximately 30 minutes of support time saved that would have otherwise been spent talking through the process with them or answering questions/calls.

This high completion rate (for non-mandatory training) highlights the engaging nature of the training that Kallipr created. By leveraging videos and beautifully designed graphics, the team has created a training offering that is easy to understand and enjoyable to consume.

Completion rates have been further strengthened by leveraging the email notification engine in Tribal Habits. This allows Kallipr to automate email reminders at specific intervals to remind learners to complete their training, increasing completion rates and easing the team’s administrative burden.

There are no downloads required, and because training is only shown when it needs to be presented to learners, the platform is incredibly responsive and fast. Customer support satisfaction has increased since the new training rollout. Customers can now easily understand how to install the device and feel supported through their journey with Kallipr.

The internal team at Kallipr is also thrilled with the reduction in support calls. After speaking with all of the core team, Kallipr created a training product that succinctly explains the process of installing the device. This has resulted in a much higher success rate from customers, which again dramatically reduces the amount of time supporting customers in person.

Based on the success of this initial project, the Support team at Kallipr is currently looking at options for its software and configuration training moving forward and is exploring how Tribal Habits may be able to help with those future projects.


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