Driving great outcomes for small business to large organisations

Tribal Habits helps capture and share knowledge at any professional services firm from 5+ staff and/or 50+ clients.

What size is your firm?

Small Business

A sole-owner or small partnership with 5-50 staff but 50+ clients. Dealing with key person risks, no training resources and a lot of clients to manage.

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Mid-Tier Practice

Established practices with 50-500 staff. Facing growing knowledge problems with staff induction, variable standards and little teamwork.

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Large Organisation

Significant organisations with 500+ staff and multiple locations. Major training needs with a small training team struggling to meet demand.

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Small Business: ‘Training team in a box’

Small professional services business with 5-50 staff and 50-1,000 clients. Typically 1-2 business owners, no formal HR staff and limited documented processes. Tribal Habits becomes the ‘training team in a box’, reduces key person risk and improves client meeting preparation.


Ready-made training for your team

Boost staff performance, engagement and retention by providing access to a wide range of personal development training. Our Marketplace topics are designed especially for professionals and offer relevant, practical training – in the branding of your own business. Your staff can upskill on key issues, at a low cost and without taking time away from the business. Tribal Habits automates reporting directly to the business owners and can track on-the-job behavioural change to ensure a high return on investment.

Small Business: 'Training team in a box'

Capture knowledge from key staff

Small businesses are often highly exposed to knowledge trapped within key staff. Tribal Habits can quickly capture internal processes and skills and transform them into stand-alone, permanent learning experiences. You can empower your key staff to create a range of important topics to reduce knowledge risk. Furthermore, as topics are captured, your business will have a growing library of induction topics to accelerate the value of new hires. Capturing key knowledge also reduces risk for any potential purchasers of your firm.

Small Business: 'Training team in a box'

Improve client meeting preparation

Many small professional businesses manage large numbers of clients, often with repetitive or regular events – financial planners with review meetings, accountants with tax planning or general insurance with annual renewals. Tribal Habits can also be used with your clients to share knowledge. Topics can prepare clients for annual meetings, renewals or events in a consistent and easy manner. You can activate client invitations and reminders, capture data or questions and automate reporting. Save time and money, while engaging your clients.

Small Business: 'Training team in a box'

Turn your small business into a knowledge powerhouse

Train your staff, capture key knowledge and prepare your clients. From just $8/user/month.

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Mid-tier Practice: Instilling best practices

A growing or established firm with 50-500 staff and a large range of clients. A Managing Partner or Head of HR now struggling to retain staff, induct new staff and keep consistency in compliance, internal reporting and client processes.


Manage growth and induct new staff

Mid-tier firms are often managing regular new staff, often in new locations. Yet new staff often take too long to become valuable additions to the business. Tribal Habits can quickly develop customised and automated induction training to accelerate the benefits of new staff. Using your own content, or combining with our Marketplace topics, you can offer existing staff access to relevant, practical training – and training is a proven driver of staff engagement and retention.

Mid-tier Practice: Instilling best practices

Instil internal processes and agreed standards

Once you have more than 30 staff, knowledge sharing problems start to arise. When ‘everyone knew everyone’ it was easy. Now there are distributed teams, new people with new ideas, and more layers of management. Tribal Habits can quickly capture internal processes on any tool, document or software. Staff can access a library of customised training on service standards, complete with assessments, examples and automated reporting to team leaders.

Mid-tier Practice: Instilling best practices

Capture best practices and proven ideas

As your team grows, not only do standards become harder to naturally maintain, but good ideas also become less likely to be shared. Experienced staff lack opportunities to easily share proven tips. New staff can’t easily contribute ideas from their previous roles into the business. Successes aren’t widely known and teams often waste time ‘reinventing the wheel’. With Tribal Habits, you can capture best practices to easily build a culture of collaboration, innovation and practices.

Mid-tier Practice: Instilling best practices

Unleash the best practices in your mid-tier practice

Create customised induction, improve internal standards and share best practices. Quickly and in any location.

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Large Organisations: Leveraging your resources

Significant professional services organisations with 500 to 10,000 staff in multiple locations. Significant training and knowledge issues with growing staff and a competitive market. Often a training team struggling to keep up with demand.


Refocus your training team on curation (not creation)

Large organisations need a LOT of training, yet often don’t have the staff or budget for custom eLearning design. With Tribal Habits, your training team can curate a portfolio of internal subject matter experts who can simultaneously work on dozens of topics. Tribal Habits can also empower team leaders through automated notifications to drive 1:1 coaching and accountability. Suddenly, your training team can focus on learning strategy – not designing training content.

Large Organisations: Leveraging your resources

Super-charge any learning management system (LMS)

If your organisation already has an LMS then you might be familiar with the #1 problem for any LMS – content creation. An LMS provides training administration but rarely any content creation tools. Any library of topics is largely generic, unbranded and uneditable. Tribal Habits can act as the content engine for your LMS. Keep using your LMS to administer instructor-led training and use deeplinks into Tribal Habits for online learning content.

Large Organisations: Leveraging your resources

Access learning data like never before

Any training team needs to demonstrate the value of their training. In this area alone, Tribal Habits is priceless. As we manage content directly, Tribal Habits produces quantitative and qualitative learning data far beyond any LMS or instructor-led training. You can easily track on-the-job results, behavioural change, assessment success and a huge amount of learner feedback and peer-to-peer learning opportunities.

Large Organisations: Leveraging your resources

Empower your training teams to leverage internal knowledge

Dramatically increase training content while also improving relevancy and results. Drive real change and track real value.

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