All the support you need for a successful learning platform implementation

Tribal Habits makes the process of learning platform implementation easy. Let's review how you can move training online and ensure your first steps are successful

How long does it take to implement Tribal Habits?

Not very long. Below we summarise the key steps in your initial learning platform implementation process. You can then explore how we continue to support you and your teams on their learning journey with Tribal Habits post-implementation.

First, your trial portal will become your live portal. This means most of the initial set-up work for your portal is already complete during the trial. In fact, the workload to implement Tribal Habits is far less than other online platforms and can be measured in minutes.

Second, you can import (and update) users via spreadsheet or enabled single-sign-on to auto-create new users. In either case, establishing your initial users takes minutes. Most of the work will be in preparing a spreadsheet of your users to upload.

Third, importing topics from our libraries and establishing initial pathways or enrolments takes minutes. Topics are imported in seconds and it takes less than a minute to activate some due dates, notifications and reminders of each topic.

Fourth, when it comes to creating your own online training, Tribal Habits will be faster than any other alternatives. We have template topics, guided processes, pre-formatted content, built-in feedback and free human reviews. We'll shortcut you from paper-training to interactive online modules in hours or days - not weeks or months.

Continue reading about on-going support after your initial implementation.

Admin training

Free, private virtual training sessions for your admin team
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Live support

Access for all Admins to live chat with our Australian support team
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Knowledge base

Search a rich knowledge base of support articles and videos
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On-going advice

Free reviews of training you create plus on-going expert advice
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Admin training

Your implementation process begins with free Admin training. Remember that your trial portal will become your live learning portal – so we can begin with your branded platform in place and whatever work you have completed during the trial.

When you start your subscription, you receive a link to book a time for your free 60-minute Admin training (conduct via Zoom). We recommend holding this training in the first 1-2 weeks of your implementation process.

In this session, we accelerate your implementation process by stepping you through the most common admin functions (creating new users, selecting your first modules, setting up training automations). The entire session is recorded for replay by future review and new admins too.

We also focus on your organisation’s key objectives. If you need to transform paper-based training into online modules, we can review some of your existing materials and strategies to convert them. If you need to roll-out compliance training, we can focus on constructing compliance pathways and automating processes.

If you need additional training sessions for different admins teams or want to regroup to discuss a scenario in depth, that’s fine too. Just reach out to our support team to organise follow-up sessions.

We needed to respond fast, and with Tribal Habits, we were able to deliver top-quality training in hours not days. We feel we were able to support our staff almost immediately in a time of great uncertainty and means a lot to us.

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Kelly Wilkes, Head of People and Culture

Live support

All admins in Tribal Habits have access to live chat with our Australian support team.

Our live chat function allows you to get rapid assistance in Australian business hours. Our team typically replies in less than 15 minutes (often immediately) and, if no-one is available at that minute, you will be notified when they reply (both in the platform and in your email).

Live chat includes live status reports too, so you can monitor Tribal Habits infrastructure and be alerted to any possible incidents or updates. You can also search our knowledge base from within the live chat function, allowing you to get help 24/7 from our wide range of articles.

When chatting with our support team, they can guide you through processes like uploading new users or publishing a new version of a module, or answer more general questions about ‘How to’ achieve a particular outcome you are seeking.

From zero to compliant in 45 minutes?

Want to see just how fast you can implement Tribal Habits. Watch 'Implementing Online Training Season 1' to see how a mid-sized organisation with 165 employees set-up Tribal Habits in under 45 minutes (every step completed in real-time).

Watch episode 1 now

Knowledge base

In addition to training your admins and providing on-going live chat support, we also have an extensive knowledge base of help articles.

Our knowledge base covers every aspect and feature of the platform and is kept fully up to date with each new feature release. You can search for answers and then follow detailed step-by-step instructions.

The knowledge base includes articles on ‘best practices’ which examine common use cases and how to best achieve them using the features in Tribal Habits. The knowledge base is available to every admin, 24/7 and on any device.

On-going advice

We are passionate about learning and expert learning instructors ourselves. We don’t just create learning tools, we create learning for our libraries and advise a range of organisations and industries on learning strategies.

First, every topic you create in Tribal Habits receives one free review from our expert designers. Even after you utilise all the built-in guidance, processes, templates and feedback to help you rapidly create your training, you can still tap into human feedback.

When you request a topic review, you receive a detailed video review from one of our experts. They’ll talk through ways to improve your topic, enhance learning outcomes, utilise features you may have overlooked or reframe content into more interactive sessions.

Second, if you need another pair of hands, we are ready to help. Our teams can be engaged to provide advice on training plans, review your training curriculums or map out how to transfer knowledge into online training. We can even convert existing training materials into online modules in Tribal Habits if you need to accelerate the process or want to get some expert assistance on trickier content.

Quick training delivery was one of our major outcomes. We needed to get something up and running straight-away and we didn’t need to be in development for six months. With Tribal Habits we were able to turn around our materials extremely quickly and get it out to the people who needed it.

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Mackayla Jeffries, Director, Engagement and Corporate Services