Tribal Habits vs Typical LMS

Tribal Habits is a modern learning platform, often compared to a learning management system (LMS). Let’s see how they compare!

Comparison – Learning

The primary purpose of any learning or knowledge sharing platform is to capture great ideas, share them with others in a way which is effective. The art of learning should be the primary focus. Let’s review how Tribal Habits, as a learning platform, compares with traditional Learning Management Systems on key issues of training, learning and knowledge both individually but also through social learning.

Most Learning Management Systems only provide administrative features. They do not assist in the creation of training content. Instead, the rely on training content to be sourced elsewhere – created in an eLearning authoring tool, purchased from an eLearning library or held as external workshops or webinars.

 Tribal HabitsTypical LMS
Guided training topic creation processYesNo
Powerful building-block training topic creation editorYesNo
Built-in AI-driven feedback for training topic creatorsYesNo
Automatic comparison to best practice training metricsYesNo
Training topic length automatically calculatedYesSometimes
Topic navigation automatically createdYesSometimes
Allow multiple creators of training topicsYesSometimes
Invite peers to review draft training topicsYesSometimes
Free training topic reviews by external expert designersYesYes
Copy existing training topics to use as a templateYesNo
Use ready-made training topics as a templateYesRarely
Built-in version control of training topicsYesRarely
View previous versions of training topicsYesRarely
Export PDF of your training topics for reviewYesSometimes

Most Learning Management Systems rely on eLearning authoring tools to create and upload content (often as a SCORM file). This means the LMS has little to no control over the content. The uploading eLearning typically relies on out-dated technology (such as Adobe Flash) and is not a native web application.

 Tribal HabitsTypical LMS
High-quality text designed for all devicesYesSometimes
Upload own videosYesSometimes
High-quality video encoding for all devicesYesRarely
Dedicated, secure video streaming environmentYesNo
Automatically add captions to videosYesRarely
Create narrated slideshows with AI-voiceoverYesNo
Create narrated slideshows with own audioYesSometimes
Upload and download of files for participantsYesUsually
Graded and ungraded quizzesYesYes
Drag and drop graded quizzesYesSometimes
Auto-scaling of uploaded imagesYesUsually
Upload images with clickable hotspots and instructionsYesSometimes
Graded assessments with random quiz poolYesYes
Polls and surveys with aggregated results sharingYesYes
Written participant responses with results sharingYesSometimes
Upload external training (e.g. SCORM)NoYes


Learning Management Systems typically have limited or no social or peer-to-peer learning. As an LMS does not create training content, it is unable to empower users to contribute to the training content or easily share training ideas. An LMS is typically limited to chat boards about topics or basic aggregated polling.

 Tribal HabitsTypical LMS
Enable other participants to contribute expertise to trainingYesRarely
Enable best practices capture and sharing in topicsYesVery rarely
Automated ranking and sorting of participant contributionsYesRarely
Automated learning reflection opportunities for participantsYesSometimes
Integrate on-the-job tasks and activities with online trainingYesSometimes
Notify managers and stakeholders about participant actionsYesSometimes
Automated learning journal created for each participantYesRarely
Learning journal can capture participant notes and outcomesYesRarely
Learning journal can be emailed to participantsYesVery rarely
Learning journal can be emailed to stakeholdersYesVery rarely


Learning Management Systems are often designed for administrators, rather than all users. As they rely on imported content, they often have inconsistent navigation and branding between topics and may not always be mobile responsive. They often require downloads to display content correctly.

 Tribal HabitsTypical LMS
Modern platform built with the latest technologiesYesSometimes
Entire platform cloud and browser-basedYesRarely
Interface AND training content in your custom brandingYesSometimes
Support for all modern desktop browsersYesYes
Mobile responsive training experienceYesSometimes
No required downloads (e.g. Flash)YesSometimes
Support for SAML 2.0 Single-Sign-OnYesSometimes
Automated PDF completion certificateYesYes

Comparison – Administration

Learning Management Systems should excel when it comes to the ‘management’ of learning. However, because they are separated from the training content (they only host content created elsewhere), it can be difficult for an LMS to provide powerful reporting. Tribal Habits, as a completely integrated content, learning and administrative experience, has a range of features which most LMS cannot match.

A key administrative task is sourcing training content. While Tribal Habits already wins the comparison for easy and powerful creation of training within an organisation, it can also be useful to have access to libraries of ready-made content. Some LMS may offer training libraries, but how do they compare to Tribal Habits?

 Tribal HabitsTypical LMS
Ready-made library of Development topicsYesSometimes
Development topics track professional development minutesYesRarely
Development topics FPA-accredited for CPDYesNo
Development topics include on-the-job activities with reportingYesNo
Ready-made library of Compliance topicsYesRarely
Compliance topics included graded and tracked assessmentsYesYes
Compliance topics reviewed by Australian SMEsYesSometimes
All Development and Compliance topics made in AustraliaYesVery rarely
All ready-made topics appear in your brandingYesRarely
All ready-made topics have a consistent interfaceYesRarely
All ready-made topics have automated version updatesYesRarely
Ready-made topics can be edited or used as a templateYesVery rarely

User management is another key administrative task. A learning platform needs to allow for a range of customised user data and easy processes to create and update that data. Segregating users for reporting is also critical, as is the ability to upload and download user data for offline use.

 Tribal HabitsTypical LMS
Dedicated Admin management portalYesYes
Custom user demographic fields and dataYesUsually
Topic enrolment rules based on user demographicsYesSometimes
Manage multiple, separate training librariesYesSometimes
Built-in support for client and customer trainingYesVery rarely
Built-in support for external training sign-upsYesRarely
Training pathways to create groups of topicsYesSometimes
Pathway enrolment rules based on user demographicsYesSometimes
New user creation via SAML 2.0 Single-Sign-On (auto-provision)YesSometimes
Download all user data into CSVYesUsually
Create new users via CSV upload including all demographicsYesUsually
Update existing users via CSV upload including all demographicsYesUsually
Send invitation emails to join portalYesYes
Strong password requirements for new usersYesYes
Detailed user profiles and training historyYesYes
Automatic calculation of training (PD) hours for usersYesRarely
Managers can view team profiles and training historyYesSometimes

A final significant administrative task is the management of training content. Admins often have to match many users to many training topics. A learning platform should automate this process as much as possible, as well as automate tasks such as due dates, training reminders and manager notifications.

 Tribal HabitsTypical LMS
Utilise in-built topic quality and outcome surveysYesRarely
Download all topic results, answers and progress as CSVYesSometimes
Online filtering of topic results, answers and progressYesUsually
Topics can record disclaimers and professional development infoYesRarely
Detailed individual training progress review for each participantYesYes
Built-in version control for custom created topicsYesRarely
Email notifications for participantsYesYes
Email notifications for adminsYesYes
Email notifications for topic creatorsYesSometimes
Email notifications for managersYesSometimes
Email notifications for any defined stakeholderYesRarely
Wide variety of topic milestone email notificationsYesSometimes
Topic due dates based on enrolment dateYesYes
Topic due dates based on fixed due dateYesYes
Manage and update existing topic due datesYesYes
Auto-escalation of overdue topics to managersYesSometimes
Training Pathways can include ready-made topics and your topicsYesRarely

Any learning platform needs to provide support to Administrators. Even with powerful and intuitive tools, there are often questions or scenarios which Administrators need help with. New Administrators have questions and need support and training. 

 Tribal HabitsTypical LMS
All support provided in AustraliaYesVery rarely
Live 24/7 status websiteYesVery rarely
Built-in live chat support for AdminsYesNo
First-time built-in tour for new AdminsYesRarely
Regular (weekly) platform updatesYesRarely
Regular (monthly) admin training and webinarsYesSometimes
Free implementation tools and training for AdminsYesSometimes
Extensive, public support knowledge baseYesSometimes
Public Security Practices and annual security testingYesRarely

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