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When considering a learning platform, organisations may consider attempting to use an existing HRMS platform to also provide learning (particularly if their HRMS platform claims to be an ‘all in one’ platform which includes learning features). The alternative is to use separate platforms and an LMS HRMS integration for a ‘best of breed’ approach. 

This page compares these two choices. We start by comparing Tribal Habits to an all in one HRMS platform with learning features. We then consider (the better!) alternative: an LMS HRMS integration.

Tribal Habits is a modern learning platform designed to be an integrated solution for all learning and training needs, while integrating with other key platforms in your organisation – human resources, e-commerce, identity management (SSO) and communications.

Tribal Habits combines a learning management system, training content creation, a ready-made library of training modules, an image library and editor, video hosting and streaming, compliance and CPD tracking and learning data analytics.  

'All in one' HRMS with learning features

A HRMS is a Human Resources Management System (also called HRIS or HCM platforms). A HRMS platform allows organisations to manage their employees. This typically includes payroll, contact information, benefits management, performance management and so on.

Over the last few years, several HRMS platforms have expanded to incorporate other types of platforms into a single environment – employee engagement, document management, employee support, onboarding and even LMS functions.

These ‘all in one’ HRMS platforms attempt to offer a very wide range of features across multiple aspects of their platform. Examples of these style of platforms include ELMO, Workday and SAP SuccessFactors.

LMS vs 'All in one' HRMS with learning features

Let’s start by comparing some of the key outcomes required by modern organisations for creating, sharing and managing learning. Our focus in this comparison is just on the learning features typically found in ‘all in one’ HRMS platforms. 

Tribal Habits (representing LMS) HRMS with learning features
Easy training administration
Wide range of automated training management features (automated enrolments, notifications, escalation, re-certification). Admin interface designed specifically for learning. Data integration with other HRMS platforms via Zapier, public API or spreadsheet.
Few/some automated training management features. Admin interface often designed for HR processes, not learning processes. Data integration within the one platform.
Content creation capability
Built-in fully featured training creation tools including guided process, real-time analysis, 20+ building blocks with 40+ layouts, 2 million image library, image editor and video hosting.
Often no training creation tools or limited to simple pages of text and images, external video links and basic quizzes. Usually requires separate elearning authoring software.
Access to ready-made training
Built-in library of 100s of ready-made training modules covering both compliance and skills. Modules created using built-in training creation tools with consistent interface and seamless blending with your own content.
Often no ready-made training included. May integrate with an external course library (at additional cost).
Ready-made training in your branding
All ready-made training appears in your organisation's branding.
Ready-made training (if any) appears in the branding of the external company which created it.
Ready-made training can be edited
All ready-made training can be completely edited and customised by your organisation. Add policies, change scenarios, replace images, update quizzes and more.
Ready-made training (if any) generally cannot be edited or customised by your organisation.
Training data capture and reporting
Full capture of all learning data - progress, completion, assessments but also every answer to every quiz, question, poll, survey, activity and upload in every module. Full online and offline filtering and analysis.
Full capture of progress and completion data and assessment scores. Other learning data is typically not captured from externally produced training modules.
'Learner-first' user experience
Interface is designed for learners with prioritising dashboard, fully-responsive and accessible design, light-weight implementation with immediate load times and on-demand streaming of media. Administrators access a purpose-built interface for training management.
Learner interface typically shared with HR interface and not designed specifically for learning.
Only charges for active users
With Tribal Habits, you only pay for 'active users' each month - there is no charge for simply storing users. Tribal Habits has both monthly (PAYG) and annual (discounted upfront) plans, starting from just five users.
Most HRMS platforms charge for all users - all employees. Adding learning features is typically an additional 'per employee' cost (regardless of whether the employee actually uses those features), rather than a 'per active user' cost.

A better alternative: LMS HRMS integration

In reality, there are only two possible advantages of using an ‘all in one’ platform over separate ‘best of breed’ platforms…advantages which often don’t stack up once properly analysed.

More efficient training administration

An ‘all in one’ HRMS with learning features will often claim to be more efficient. However, this claim typically rests upon potential gains from having all users in a single system.

On that note, it is very easy to integrate separate platforms via tools like Zapier, public APIs or even just simple spreadsheets. For example, Tribal Habits integrates with dozens of HRMS systems (such as IntelliHR) via Zapier. Users can be created once in the HRMS and then automatically synced with Tribal Habits. 

In addition, the value of syncing user information is only relevant for very large organisations with significant employee turnover. For organisations with <500 employees, a weekly spreadsheet update may be more than enough. 

In contrast, ‘best of breed’ LMS platforms often offer far more advanced learning management features, such as notification escalation, automated enrolments, re-certification management and on-the-job task management. These functions often save hours of regular training administration every week regardless of organisation size. 

When viewed as a whole, less powerful HRMS platforms with learning features may not always be more efficient. 

Lower price via a combined platform

Whether an ‘all in one’ HRMS with learning features platform is cheaper than the combination of a HRMS and LMS should be carefully examined. 

Many HRMS platforms charge for every user – which is typically every employee in your organisation. The HRMS will then typically charge an additional fee for each extra ‘module’ activated in its platform – such as learning features. 

A modern LMS platform, like Tribal Habits, should only charge for active users – employees who actually log in each month to do training. This is typically NOT your entire group of employees each month. It might only be 30-80% of your employee base.

This means that an HRMS charging for every user for both HRMS features and learning features may be more expensive than a separate HRMS which charges for every user and an LMS which only charges for active users.

There are also potential hidden costs – your HRMS likely will not have learning content creation features (requiring another cost), a library of ready made content (another cost) and video hosting (the HRMS might rely on you having a VIMEO or other account). This is where ‘best of breed’ LMS platforms become more cost effective than under-featured HRMS platforms. 

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"Tribal Habits gives us more control over our content in terms of developing and editing it. It’s much more responsive than other learning platforms we have used before, where you request changes and it takes a long time to be done. We can just make changes instantly now."

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"Tribal Habits is unique in the market as it allowed us to rapidly capture and transfer organisational knowledge via text, imagery, video and interactive elements. It also shares tips from participants, meaning the knowledge captured increases as users complete topics!"


"Content creation is easy and fun on Tribal Habits; the system’s built-in structure ensures that content is organised in a manner that enables the final output to be exactly what’s needed. This gives me great confidence that my training will hit the mark."

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"It would have taken us up to a year to create the topics using a traditional e-learning authoring tool. With Tribal Habits we were delivering amazing training in three months, and we've estimated the cost has been about 25% of what it would have been had we gone with a traditional solution."

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"Tribal Habits' online compliance library has been a game-changer for us. We now have total peace of mind that our people are safe and our brand and organisational reputation is protected. Delivering compliance training online has also saved us a significant amount of time, money and hassle."


"Tribal Habits' video feedback on the topics we created is amazing - really useful suggestions and so easy to follow. People are already loving the training! The system is so easy to use, and the interactive elements have allowed us to make training a lot more engaging. We couldn't ask for anything more."

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