Case Study – Mercer

May 9, 2019 in Employee Induction

Case Study – Mercer

Upskilling financial advisers

Mercer is a global consulting leader in talent, health, retirement, and investments. Mercer Financial Advice in Australia used Tribal Habits to share expertise on best practices in client engagement and relationship management.

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Mercer realised that the role of emotions in effective financial decision making was critical to driving individual effectiveness and successful client outcomes.

So they needed a way to upskill 60 financial advisers located around Australia with an understanding of complex skills in emotional intelligence, behavioural finance and relationship management.

Ensuring real behavioural change in these areas would require advisers to not only acquire new knowledge, but see the benefit in developing new and contemporary skills when it comes to client engagement.



Mercer tapped directly into its internal expertise to create a series of Tribal Habits topics, and slowly and carefully took their advisers on a journey into behavioural finance.

The topics included video interviews with internal experts, scenario analysis and assessments, and several on-the-job activities.

Additional topics were also used to prepare advisers for face-to-face workshops, and then to capture and summarise those workshops for new advisers.

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A single L&D manager was able to use Tribal Habits to coordinate internal experts to develop and deliver the entire program – 10 hours on online learning plus two days of workshops – to over 60 advisers around Australia in under four months! This achievement was successful without any external development costs other than the Tribal Habits subscription.

Over 3,000 contributions of knowledge and on-the-job outcomes were captured from advisers.

Across the Tribal Habits topics, 91% of participants rated the topics as high quality in usefulness of content, 70% felt it directly improved client service, 68% said it improved team morale and 95% found knowledge they were seeking or new knowledge which was valuable on-the-job.

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