Tribal Habits vs Microsoft Office

For organisations without an LMS, they often end up using Microsoft Office as a learning tool! PowerPoint slides of induction content, workbooks created in Word and training records stored in Excel. 

This page compares the options of using Microsoft Office to manage learning to a modern learning platform, like Tribal Habits, to help you understand the pros and cons of each.

Tribal Habits is a modern learning platform designed to be an integrated solution for all learning and training needs, while integrating with other key platforms in your organisation – human resources, e-commerce, identity management (SSO) and communications.

Tribal Habits combines a learning management system, training content creation, a ready-made library of training modules, an image library and editor, video hosting and streaming, compliance and CPD tracking and learning data analytics.  

Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office is a suite of workplace software tools designed for employees of businesses to complete common tasks on a computer. It includes a word processor (Word), spreadsheet (Excel) and a presentation tool (PowerPoint). 

Microsoft Office comparison

Let’s start by comparing some of the key outcomes required by modern organisations for creating, sharing and managing learning.

Tribal Habits Microsoft Office
Content creation capability
Built-in fully featured training creation tools including guided process, real-time analysis, 20+ building blocks with 40+ layouts, 2 million image library, image editor and video hosting.
There are no options to create interactive or online training. Static (passive) content can be created in Word or Powerpoint. This can include images and links, but not quizzes, hotspots, polls or questions. Video hosting is not supported (videos can be embedded in full within the document, making for extremely large files, or linked to another hosted location).
Access to ready-made training
Built-in library of 100s of ready-made training modules covering both compliance and skills. Modules created using built-in training creation tools with consistent interface and seamless blending with your own content.
There is no ready-made training content in Microsoft Office. All content must be created from scratch. Some design layouts are available in Word and PowerPoint, but these are only for general page layout (fonts, colours).
Ready-made training in your branding
All ready-made training appears in your organisation's branding.
There is no ready-made training content in Microsoft Office.
Ready-made training can be edited
All ready-made training can be completely edited and customised by your organisation. Add policies, change scenarios, replace images, update quizzes and more.
There is no ready-made training content in Microsoft Office.
Training data capture and reporting
Full capture of all learning data - progress, completion, assessments but also every answer to every quiz, question, poll, survey, activity and upload in every module. Full online and offline filtering and analysis.
There is no training data capture in Microsoft Office. While Excel spreadsheets can be used to passively record completed training, there is no way to verify in a learner has read a Word document or reviewed a set of PowerPoint slides. There is no way to track which version of any document was reviewed. All reporting must be created from scratch using custom Excel spreadsheets.
'Learner-first' user experience
Interface is designed for learners with prioritising dashboard, fully-responsive and accessible design, light-weight implementation with immediate load times and on-demand streaming of media. Administrators access a purpose-built interface for training management.
Sharing of Word documents and PowerPoint slides is available via Sharepoint or OneDrive in Microsoft Office. This is a basic file management service. Content is viewed passively with no interaction. No social learning or sharing is possible. No assessments, polls or questions are possible. Security is limited - while access to files can be restricted, once a learner has downloaded a file, it can be shared with anyone.
Only charges for active users
With Tribal Habits, you only pay for 'active users' each month - there is no charge for simply storing users. Tribal Habits has both monthly (PAYG) and annual (discounted upfront) plans, starting from just five users.
Microsoft Office requires a licence for every user regardless of the amount of access.

Got piles of workbooks and slides already?

If you are using Microsoft Office as a learning tool, then its possible you have created workbooks and slides of content. If so, that’s great news! You’ve done most of the work already!

It’s easy to move that content from Microsoft Office into Tribal Habits – literally as a copy and paste exercise. Except, as you move your content into Tribal Habits you gain…

  • Fully interactive content to engage your learners and improve outcomes
  • A secure environment with easy control over access and enrolments
  • Version control to ensure learners are accessing the same (and latest) content
  • Automated reporting on completion data and learning outcomes
  • Automated enrolments based for new employees (based on job roles)
  • Automated reminders when learning is due or overdue

You’ve done 90% of the hard work already. With Tribal Habits guided processes to convert your training content into interactive learning modules, you can gain 10x the benefits from just 10% effort.


We even have a conversion service – we can take your existing content and convert it for you!

Woman on Laptop performing an LMS Go1 comparison

"Tribal Habits gives us more control over our content in terms of developing and editing it. It’s much more responsive than other learning platforms we have used before, where you request changes and it takes a long time to be done. We can just make changes instantly now."

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"Tribal Habits is unique in the market as it allowed us to rapidly capture and transfer organisational knowledge via text, imagery, video and interactive elements. It also shares tips from participants, meaning the knowledge captured increases as users complete topics!"


"Content creation is easy and fun on Tribal Habits; the system’s built-in structure ensures that content is organised in a manner that enables the final output to be exactly what’s needed. This gives me great confidence that my training will hit the mark."

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"It would have taken us up to a year to create the topics using a traditional e-learning authoring tool. With Tribal Habits we were delivering amazing training in three months, and we've estimated the cost has been about 25% of what it would have been had we gone with a traditional solution."

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"Tribal Habits' online compliance library has been a game-changer for us. We now have total peace of mind that our people are safe and our brand and organisational reputation is protected. Delivering compliance training online has also saved us a significant amount of time, money and hassle."

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"Tribal Habits' video feedback on the topics we created is amazing - really useful suggestions and so easy to follow. People are already loving the training! The system is so easy to use, and the interactive elements have allowed us to make training a lot more engaging. We couldn't ask for anything more."

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