Move your training online today!

With more people working from home as a result of the COVID19 pandemic, traditional training practices will need to move online.

This 54-page guidebook provides you with everything you need to know about shifting training online rapidly.

How to decide on a training budget?
What training to move online first?
When to use each training method?
What are the types of learning platforms?
How to quickly implement online training?

The benefits of moving training online

Save time, money and hassle with online training

Available anytime. Online training is accessible when it's needed. No need to wait for minimum class sizes or quotas

Available anywhere. Online training is available on any device, in any location. Staff don't need to physically attend workshops

Create once, deploy often. Stop delivering the same training over and over again. Online training frees up your staff's time

Consistent delivery. Online training allows all employees to receive the same standard of training regardless of location

Easy to update. Online training can be altered and distributed with the click of a button, with built-in version control tracking

A knowledge vault. Everything that makes your organisation tick in one place - processes, documents, videos, policies