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Tribal Habits has become a fast favourite among organisations across Australia and New Zealand.

With glowing reviews and a notable increase in word‑of‑mouth recommendations, our platform is recognised for its reliability and user-friendly design.

As an Australian SaaS success story, Tribal Habits is a product you can proudly recommend to your customers.

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So, what is Tribal Habits?

Tribal Habits is the ultimate all-in-one learning platform for Australian and New Zealand businesses.

Our platform combines an intuitive online authoring tool with a powerful LMS and a library of 300+ editable titles tailored to AU & NZ compliance and professional development standards.

This enables anyone in an organisation to create interactive training content and design training that reflects their unique practices and policies without needing to be L&D experts.

How are we different to other learning platforms?

Traditional LMS platforms focus heavily on managing learners and external content, they really only work for large companies with dedicated L&D staff.

Tribal Habits is different. We offer an all-in-one platform with content creation tools, a ready-made content library, and LMS features that anyone can use. 

Content creation

Tribal Habits offers a content-first approach. Anyone can create engaging training with 50+ interactive elements. This lets users quickly build any training.

Editable library

Over 300 ready-made training modules (including local compliance!). Users can edit these modules and mix them with their own content for a seamless learning experience. 

Designed for all

Tribal Habits empowers anyone to manage training, even without a dedicated team. Automate tasks like enrollments, reminders, and certificates for a seamless experience. 

Active Pricing

Unlike traditional LMS, Tribal Habits uses active users, not total users, for billing. This saves your customers 30-80% as learners only pay when they use the platform.

Who do we Partner well with?

HR Technology Partners

Are you an HR Technology provider facing an uphill battle with incomplete solutions?

Elevate your offering and outshine the competition with Tribal Habits.

At Tribal Habits, we understand the frustration of losing ground to competitors with more robust LMS and content library offerings. You need a partner that brings more to the table – a complete learning and development solution that caters to the specific needs of the ANZ region.

  • Comprehensive LMS Functionality: Say goodbye to basic LMS capabilities. Tribal Habits offers a full suite of management features combined with content creation tools, all designed to keep you ahead.
  • Valuable Content Library: Our extensive library is not just affordable but also fully editable, allowing you to tailor content to each client’s unique needs, without the hefty price tag.
  • Responsive Local Support: With Tribal Habits, you’re not just another ticket in the queue. We provide dedicated support with a local understanding, ensuring your needs are met with a personal touch.
  • Localised Learning Content: Our content is made in and for the ANZ market, ensuring relevance and resonance with your clients, unlike generic American content that often misses the mark.
  • Fair Pricing Model: Our ‘Actual Use’ pricing model aligns with your success. You’ll only pay for active users, making our solution affordable and sensible for SMBs.
  • Advanced Authoring Tools: Empower yourself with our sophisticated content authoring tools that enable you to create intricate and interactive courses, providing value that extends beyond the basics.
  • Customisation is Key: Your clients are unique, and their learning content should be too. Our editable course library ensures that the learning experience perfectly matches client needs.
  • Partner with Confidence: At Tribal Habits, we take partnership seriously. We provide not just technical support but strategic assistance, ensuring you have the backing to grow and thrive.

Benefits of Partnering with Tribal Habits

  • Integrated Learning Ecosystem: Unlike traditional LMS platforms that require external content and complex integrations, Tribal Habits offers a comprehensive solution. We provide a ‘content first’ approach with over 300 editable modules, including 50+ Australian and New Zealand compliance modules, ensuring your clients have access to relevant and customisable content without the need for additional resources or expenses.
  • Seamless Integrations and Support: Our platform is designed to integrate effortlessly with your existing systems, enabling you to offer a complete LMS solution that includes advanced content creation capabilities. This integration is handled by our team, allowing you to focus on delivering top-tier service to your clients without the burden of technical complexities.

L&D and HR Consultants

Expand your offering and grow your revenue.

Service organisations thrive on adding value and enhancing the trust of those they serve. As a partner of Tribal Habits, you solidify your role as a trusted advisor by providing a cutting-edge learning platform that extends your service offering. Unlock new revenue streams and strengthen client relationships by delivering a solution that’s both comprehensive and cost-effective. With us, you’ll not only deliver excellence to your customers but also gain access to valuable insights that drive continuous improvement and success. And to reinforce our commitment to your growth, enjoy the full benefits of a complimentary Tribal Habits platform for your internal use.”

Benefits for HR and L&D Consultants

Add Value and Drive Revenue: With Tribal Habits, service organisations can position themselves as trusted advisors by providing clients with a sophisticated yet user-friendly learning platform. Our extensive library and creation tools not only enhance your service offerings but also open new revenue streams by enabling your clients to develop and deploy training content rapidly.

Customisation at No Extra Cost: Every module in our library can be fully customised to maintain your client’s brand integrity and meet their specific training needs. This flexibility ensures that your clients can always deliver training that is not only effective but also perfectly aligned with their organisational goals.

Active User Pricing Model: Our unique pricing strategy is designed to make learning accessible for any size organisation. You only pay for active users, which can result in significant cost savings for your clients, making our platform an attractive option for businesses of all scales.

Frequently asked questions

Can we integrate our platforms?

Ideally, yes. We typically integrate with partner platforms via Public APIs. Tribal Habits has an extensive Public API. We also have extensive experience in building platformtoplatform integrations for our customers via the Public APIs of our partners. This means we develop, customise and manage the integration between our platforms.

Our integrations can create, update and manager users between our platforms, as well as share training results back to your platform if required. We can map custom user data between the platforms, use filters to manage which users are synced and monitor the integration for errors. Our platform includes an integrations page with space to promote your platform, link to landing pages and monitor any integration.

Which organisation size & industries do you cover?

We serve a wide range of industries, and support orgs from 20 to 10,000+ staff. We offer features which appeal across the market. It is therefore perhaps more useful to consider common themes across our customers which help identify organisations we help the most.

  • Tight Budgets
  • High turnover & seasonal staff
  • Siloed knowledge
  • Inhouse standard operating procedures
  • Technical know-how
Which locations do you support?

We’re proudly made, owned and operate in Australia. Our staff, including support are located across the country.

While we can be accessed from anywhere in the world, we have a strong focus on the Australian and New Zealand market. This is reflected in our features and library content with local legislation. Our servers are also in Australia for data sovereignty and speed purposes.

How does your active pricing work?

Our pricing model is competitive and based on active monthly users instead of the total employee count, resulting in significant cost reductions. This approach ensures you only pay for users who actively engage with the platform each month, providing a cost-effective solution for all partner organisations. Our pricing is transparent and can be found on our pricing page.

Is Tribal Habits secure and reliable for my customers?

Yes. You can learn more about our platform’s security posture at:

Our Security Portal –

Our Status Portal –

Our Support Portal –

What type of organisations should join Tribal Habits' partner program?

Our ideal partners are forward-thinking HR Technology Providers seeking to enrich their offerings with an all-in-one learning platform and L&D and HR Consultants dedicated to enhancing their clients’ success. By partnering with Tribal Habits, you’ll deliver a seamless, integrated solution that fills critical feature gaps and adds tremendous value, allowing you to stand out in the market and create new revenue streams. We provide our partners with full access to Tribal Habits for internal use, ensuring you can leverage the platform’s benefits to the fullest.

How does Tribal Habits assist partners to be successful?

We’re dedicated to your success as a partner. That’s why we offer comprehensive support and training, including extensive onboarding, real-time course feedback, and personalised module reviews by our design experts. Additionally, you’ll have access to our responsive Australian-based support team for any integration and adoption queries.

We also offer tools and support to help you sell effectively. This includes sales training, marketing collateral, and access to our knowledgeable team for demos and discussions. Our collaborative approach ensures we’re with you every step of the way, helping to maximise your reach and success.

Can I use the Tribal Habits platform for internal use?

As our valued partner, you’ll receive complimentary access to the Tribal Habits platform for your own use. This allows you to deeply understand and experience the full capabilities of our solution, ensuring you can confidently demonstrate the benefits to clients. It’s our way of investing in a strong and successful partnership with you.

What are the standard terms associated with a partnership with Tribal Habits?

You can find our partnership terms here.

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