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Overcoming geographic challenges

Delivering compliance training at Playgroup Queensland is no mean feat. The organisation has over 100 staff including many part-time and casual workers. These staff are geographically spread across the state and in some cases, the country.

The fact that workers are seldom in the same place at the same time means that running traditional face-to-face training session was not feasible. It was quickly determined that a scalable, always available online training solution was required.

Finding a solution that fits

The team at Playgroup Queensland started to search the market for online compliance training options and discouragingly found that most solutions were complex, expensive and pitched more at a large enterprise client base.

Playgroup Queensland’s Manager, People Performance and Culture, Megan Rush attended an industry event where one of Tribal Habits’ clients delivered a presentation about an induction program it had delivered through the platform. This encouraged Playgroup to explore Tribal Habits as an option for its compliance requirements.

Impressed by the simplicity of the platform and the fact that it presented a fully branded compliance offering at a more affordable price-point than the enterprise solutions, Playgroup embarked on a two-week trial. Once the team got a feel for the platform and the ready-made compliance training offered, it elected to roll Tribal Habits out across the organisation.

Up and running immediately

Playgroup needed to move quickly on its new compliance training. Fortunately, there was no complicated implementation required for the Tribal Habits platform. The portal used during the trial period became the organisation’s production portal meaning they were ready to get to work immediately. The team were able to pull training from the Tribal Habits compliance library and upload it to their portal in under an hour.

“What really stood out to me aside from the high-quality content was the speed with which we could implement Tribal Habits. The compliance training we needed was ready to go out of the box, all we had to do was upload it, enroll our people and we were off.”

Megan Rush | People Performance and Culture | Playgroup Queensland

Playgroup created compliance pathways which are essentially groupings of compliance training modules that ensure staff have access to and are prompted to complete all the compliance training that is relevant to them. The team used Tribal Habits bulk enrolment capability to quickly distribute this information across the organisation.

Due dates and reminder emails mean that automations now take care of the unenviable task of chasing staff for training completion.

Leveraging Tribal Habits, Playgroup was able to respond quickly and put in place a full suite of Australian lawyer approved compliance training. This means that staff, regardless of their location and work schedule, have access to all the information required to safely and effectively carry out their role.

“Tribal Habits’ online compliance library has been a game-changer for us. We now have total peace of mind that our people are safe and our brand and organisational reputation is protected. Delivering compliance training online has also saved us a significant amount of time, money and hassle.”

Megan Rush | People Performance and Culture | Playgroup Queensland

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