Only pay for your monthly active users!

Our plans only charge for users who log into your platform during the month to use it. No set-up, storage or training costs. Create and store unlimited users and training.


Pick a plan based on your average monthly usage

5–49 monthly users


Per monthly active user

Suits smaller organisations or irregular / seasonal usage.

50–99 monthly users


Per monthly active user

Locks in discounted rates for larger monthly usage.

100–199 monthly users


Per monthly active user

Even greater discounts for larger organisations.

larger plans available


for discounted plans

We have plans to cater from 5–10,000+ monthly users.

Just getting started?


Per monthly active user (min 5)

Our most flexible plan with a simple PAYG monthly contract.

Multi-year discounted plans available.

20% discount for registered Not For Profit organisations.

Prices in $AUD ex GST.

An all-in-one subscription for all your training needs

Tribal Habits is a complete learning platform for learners, training creators and training managers – save money, time and effort. No additional subscriptions required.

Tribal Habits Other Learning Management Systems
Basic training creation tools
Interactive training creation tools
Media training creation tools
Built-in stock image library
Built-in image editor
Built-in video hosting
Include offline tasks and activities
Include graded online and offline assessments
Include events (webinars, workshops)
Real-time training content analysis
SCORM import (1.2, 2004, cmi5, XAPI)
Private, branded cloud learning portal
Sub-portals and multiple brands
Role-specific training catalogues
Learners can add CPD, external training
Works with all devices and modern browsers
Light, fast, modern interface (low bandwidth)
Share content to external LMS (SCORM link)

Fully accessible of WCAG 2.1 Level AA

Australian servers and support
Track all progress and completion data
Track all learning answers and responses
Track all training time and points
Track continuing education (CPD, CLE)
Track licences and qualifications
Track external training and accreditations
Track skills and compliance
Dedicated manager dashboard and reports
Learning pathways
Automated role-based enrolments
Automated due dates and reminders
Automated escalation and notifications
Automated recertification of expired training
SSO, API and integration support

Pricing Questions?

Tribal Habits is a complete online training solution. Unlike traditional learning management systems, Tribal Habits addresses every aspect of online training. It’s easy to create online learning with a powerful, guided content creation system and branded library of ready-made training. It’s engaging to use, with a modern cloud-based design that works across browsers, devices and locations. Plus it’s simple to manage, with administration features built for everyone to use, not just learning experts.

Everything you need to manage online training.

  • Create online training modules on any topic, including blended learning
  • Manage online and offline grading and assessments
  • Share learning through a secure, branded cloud portal to any device 24/7
  • Track all training completion data AND learner contributions
  • Record all learning: external workshops, licences, CPD/CLE, skills and more

Our Annual Plans lock in discounted per-user rates for committed usage (typically 12 months, but longer contracts with increasing discounts are available).  

For our Annual 5 plan, this means you pay in advance to have up to 5 different active users access your portal every month for 12 months. You can still have unlimited stored users in your portal. You then just pay for any additional monthly active users each month above 5. Annual plans range from 5 to 10,000 active monthly users, which covers just about every sized organisation!

Typically, organisations need a plan which represents 30-80% of their total users (depending on your training objectives). This means that if you have, say, 500 employees but only 200 employees tend to use online training each month, you just need a 200 Annual plan. 

Remember – your annual plan doesn’t limit your monthly users – its just your committed minimum level of monthly users! 

The Monthly Plan is a ‘pay as you go’ plan with no minimum contract period. 

On the 1st of each calendar month, you are simply charged for the number of monthly active users you had in the prior calendar month (with a minimum charge of five users). This means your monthly billing will vary with your monthly usage.

The Monthly Plan is fantastic for very small organisations, organisations with seasonal / irregular usage or those selling training content.

Most small organisations use our Annual 5 plan to obtain a 10% discounted rate compared to our Monthly Plan, but you may want to start with our Monthly Plan if you need maximum flexibility.

Unlike most learning platforms, our plans are not based on stored users. Our plans are based on monthly active users.

A monthly active user is a user in your portal who logs in during a calendar month. Monthly active users are counted on their first log in each calendar month and can then login as much as they like, to create or complete as much training as they like. All users are treated the same – training administrators, content creators, external or internal learners.

Monthly active user plans represent fairness in pricing. They also reduce your costs and align the value from our platform with your investment – ensuring we are focused on your success.

For example, if your organisation has 500 employees, but only 200 tend to login in each month, you only need a 200 monthly active user plan. Don’t worry if you overrun your plan either – you are simply charged for the incremental extra users for that one month at the same monthly rate.

As a result, active user plans can cut your training costs by an additional 30-50% (compared to stored user plans).

Yes, you can request a demo and then organise a free 14-day trial of Tribal Habits. You’ll have full access to the entire platform during your trial. You can create online training, check out the libraries, run a pilot program and more.

Yes. Larger annual plans provide larger discounts (we have just shown a few plans on this page – we have many larger plans through to 10,000s of users per year).

Multi-year plans offer additional discounted rates.

We also support Not-For-Profit and Charitable Organisations with discounted per-user rates. Contact us for further details.

Remember that Tribal Habits also has no set-up costs and counts only active users in plans – these benefits alone create significant discounts over traditional online learning platforms.

Yes. We have many organisations with users in New Zealand, throughout Asia, Canada and the United States. Please note that all pricing is in Australian Dollars and that the interface is in English (we do not support localisation at this time). All Compliance Library modules are based on Australian and New Zealand legislation and regulations.

Yes. You can upgrade to a larger plan at any time during your subscription period (and just pay the pro-rata difference on the remainder of your plan).

You're in good company

It's truly effortless to use. Our transition from traditional to digital was smoother than expected. I cannot stress enough how great the customer and technical support is.

Lamey G


It makes setting up and growing a learning program from scratch simple to do, with a great user interface and terrific learning modules off the shelf - or bespoke.

Sally K

Carrol & O'Dea

Tribal Habits is an extremely intuitive product to use and administer. It makes building new course topics and deploying them to your business a breeze. Support is lightning fast.

Max R


Tribal Habits is so easy to use. In a day and age where the user interface is so important for people purchasing software, this was a big key for our organisation.

Darren M

The Lost Dogs Home

Tribal Habits is much more responsive than other learning platforms we have used before, where you request changes and it takes a long time to be done. We can just make changes instantly now.

Amy W


Tribal Habits' video feedback on the topics we created is amazing - really useful suggestions and so easy to follow. The system is so easy to use and our learners are far more engaged.

Danielle W

DV Connect

Passionate customer support from Australia

More than just a platform, our mission is to make an amazing training experience for your organisation and its learners. Our team of learning and development experts can help you plan curriculums, map out training, improve content and analyse learning data.

  • Live support chat

  • Knowledge base

  • Private Zoom training

  • Digital Learning Coach

  • Free content reviews

  • Implementation help

  • L&D advice

  • Content conversion

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