A plan for every organisation

Creator + Library


PAYG for actual monthly users
$ 7.50 Per active user per month
  • Perfect for smaller organisations, selling training, initial roll-out or irregular usage


12 months of 100 active users every month
$ 5.50 Per active user per month
  • Perfect for organisations with 100-200 learners or larger training providers selling training


12 months of 200 active users every month
$ 5.00 Per active user per month
  • Perfect for organisations with 200-400 learners or when training regions or divisions


PAYG for actual monthly users
$ 10.00 Per active user per month
  • Just $2.50 extra to add 100s of branded and editable compliance and development modules


12 months of 100 active users every month
$ 7.33 Per active user per month
  • Just $1.83 extra to add 100s of branded and editable compliance and development modules


12 months of 200 active users every month
$ 6.67 Per active user per month
  • Just $1.67 extra to add 100s of branded and editable compliance and development modules

Which plan suits your organisation?


Our Creator plan gives you access to our powerful training creator and full LMS admin capability. It’s perfect for converting existing training, creating induction programs or selling training content.

  • Private, secure and branded portal
  • Powerful online training creation
  • Unlimited creator roles
  • Access to Sage, our digital training coach
  • Free expert reviews of your training
  • Built-in two million royalty-free images
  • Built-in image editor (crop, annotate, filter)
  • Built-in video hosting and streaming
  • Learner and manager dashboards
  • Full training administration
  • Unlimited admin roles
  • Full email notification service
  • Deadline, certificate and re-certification
  • Track events, CPD/CLE, skills
  • Track licences and external learning
  • Training analytics, reports and downloads
  • Passionate support with live chat
Creator + Library

The Creator + Library plan unlocks the full power of Tribal Habits. It’s perfect for organisations needing compliance training, building internal training academies or looking for a complete solution.

  • Everything in Creator PLUS
  • Access a library of ready-made modules
  • 40+ Australian compliance modules (lawyer reviewed) with online assessments
  • 100s of skills modules covering a huge variety of common training needs
  • New modules added every month
  • Request modules to be added!
  • Professionally designed and updated
  • Includes assessments and activities
  • Includes videos and images
  • Includes templates and downloads
  • All library modules in your branding
  • All library modules completely editable
  • Add your policies, images, scenarios
  • Seamlessly combine with your modules
  • Build training academies in minutes!

Contact us for discounted plans for > 200 monthly users and Not-For-Profits.

Simple, transparent and affordable pricing

Watch this quick video summary to learn how Tribal Habits can cut your online training costs by 50%!

One simple subscription with no hidden costs

No set-up fees

All plans have no set-up or implementation fees - it's free to get started.

No storage fees

All plans have unlimited stored users, content, data, uploads and reporting.

No support fees

All plans include private training for your admins and creators, including live chat support.

No branding fees

All plans include a private, secure, branded online training portal.

No administrator fees

Unlimited administrators and content creators at no extra cost.

No extra subscriptions required

Eliminate any elearning authoring costs, or need for separate image library or video hosting.

Pricing Questions?

Tribal Habits is a complete online training solution. Unlike traditional learning management systems, Tribal Habits addresses every aspect of online training. It’s easy to create online learning with a powerful, guided content creation system and branded library of ready-made training. It’s engaging to use, with a modern cloud-based design that works across browsers, devices and locations. Plus it’s simple to manage, with administration features built for everyone to use, not just learning experts.

Your subscription consists of two choices: Packages and Plans.

Packages are the features you require – Creator or Creator + Library.

Plans are the payment frequency which suits you – Monthly or Annually.

Regardless of the Packages and Plans you select, every subscription includes a complete online learning platform to manage your content. You can create unlimited users with full customised data, build learning pathways of training modules, and utilise automated features including due dates, certification periods, enrolment emails, reminder notifications and manager dashboards. All Plans include access to our free Foundation Library, which provides training modules on essential topics plus training on using the Tribal Habits platform.

All you need to decide is what online training content you want to use.
Do you want to create your own online training (if so, you need the Creator Package) or do you want to create your own training and import and edit libraries of ready-made online training (Creator + Library)?

The Creator Package gives you complete access to our online learning creation processes. You can create unlimited online training modules, each of which appears in your branding, is responsive to any device and can be created by anyone in your organisation.

Creator firstly gives you access to our guided processes. This includes using Sage, our ground-breaking AI-driven learning coach. Sage analyses your training content to provide advice and insights to improve your content creation. You can also tap into our template modules, which provide inspiration and examples on common types of online training. Finally, you can request a free video review of every training module you create! Our expert designers review your modules and provide personalised feedback and advice.

Creator also unlocks all our content building blocks. This includes all our text-based building blocks, with rich text formatting, tables, lists, columns, icons and more. You can utilise all our media-based building blocks, including uploading videos into our dedicated video hosting environment (or embed videos from external sites like YouTube). There’s over 2 million royalty-free photos plus a powerful built-in image editor. You can also create amazing interactive images and narrated slideshows. Finally, you can utilise all our interactive building blocks, including a variety of polls, quizzes, tabs, columns, accordion and matching activities. This includes both online assessments and offline activities.

Creator gives you a complete online training authoring tool WITH a complete online learning platform to share and manage training. It’s easy to use with amazing guided processes and feedback, so that anyone can turn ideas and knowledge into interactive online learning.

The Creator + Library package gives all the functionality of our Creator package as well as complete access to our entire online learning libraries. You can import modules – in your branding – in seconds and enrol your teams in moments. Professionally designed, our modules include everything you need for online learning.

First, you can access our Compliance Library. It contains over 40 lawyer-approved online training modules for Australian organisations. Each module includes online assessments and automated branded certificates. You can enable automated due dates, certification dates and annual retakes. You can track and review every answer to every question, scenario and assessment from every learner, to see where your teams need additional help. There are modules for work health and safety, equal employment opportunities, IT security, consumer and privacy law and more.

Second, you can access of Development Library. It contains over 65 professionally designed online training modules on a wide variety of key soft-skills. Leadership, management, communication, teamwork, sales, service, productivity and more. Each module includes videos, templates, scenarios and interactions – all in your branding. It looks like you created each module! Many modules also include on-the-job activities to help turn learner ideas into employee actions! You can track and review every contribution, poll, response and activity to help demonstrate the changes in your organisation from learning.

Importantly, our libraries are completely integrated. Every module uses the same navigation and interface. Every module appears with consistent layout and processes. Every module appears in your branding (logos and colours). This dramatically improves learning engagement, who are often frustrated by online learning libraries where every module appears in different branding, has unfamiliar interfaces and inconsistent approaches.

You can utilise our Library modules within your Tribal Habits portal, including combining into learning pathways, activating reminders, capturing all data and building role-specific training libraries. Our modules can also be hosted in an existing learning management system (via a SCORM 1.2 link) if you need to populate your LMS with training content.

Creator + Library also allows you to edit our library content to make it relevant to your organisation.

When you copy a library module, you can then edit any content. Change one lesson to suit your organisation, replace a template with one of your own, or add a policy document into a module. All in seconds.

Since our library modules are built using the same creator tools, you can quickly combine our content with your content in moments. It’s hundreds of hours of online learning at your fingertips, ready to use as-is or updated as needed.

There’s nothing like it in any other platform, which is why it’s our most popular solution.

The Monthly Plan is a ‘pay as you go’ plan with no minimum contract period. A credit card is required to utilise this plan.

On the 1st of each calendar month, you are simply charged for the number of active users you had in the prior calendar month (with a minimum charge of five users). This means your monthly billing will vary with your monthly usage.

The Monthly Plan is fantastic for smaller organisations (with less than 100 users), organisations with seasonal / irregular usage or those selling training content.

To clarify: Plans are based on active users, not stored users. Compared to stored user plans, organisations typically save an additional 30-60% by using Tribal Habits, since you only pay for users who are active in your portal. Learn more about active users below.

Our Annual Plans lock in discounted per-user rates for larger expected usage. Annual plans require payment in advance for 12 months of usage.

Annual plans start from 100 active users per month. This means you pay in advance to have up to 100 different active users access your portal every month. You can still have unlimited stored users in your portal. Annual plans range from 100 to 10,000 active monthly users, which covers just about every sized organisation!

Annual plans are best for larger organisations with >100 users. Typically, organisations need a plan which represents 50-70% of their total users (depending on your training objectives). This means that if you have, say, 500 employees but only 200 employees tend to use online training each month, you just need a 200 active user plan.

The pricing above shows the base 100 active user plan. Contact us for larger usage plans (with larger per-user discounts).

To clarify: Plans are based on active users, not stored users. Compared to stored user plans, organisations typically save an additional 30-50% by using Tribal Habits, since you only pay for users who are active in your portal. Learn more about active users below.

Unlike most learning platforms, our plans are not based on stored users. Our plans are based on active users.

An active user is a user in your portal who logs in during a calendar month. Active users are counted on their first log in each calendar month and can then login as much as they like, to create or complete as much training as they like. All users are treated the same – training administrators, content creators, external or internal learners.

Active user plans represent fairness in pricing. They also reduce your costs and align the value from our platform with your investment – ensuring we are focused on your success.

For example, if your organisation has 500 employees, but only 200 tend to login in each month, you only need a 200 monthly active user plan. Don’t worry if you overrun your plan either – you are simply charged for the incremental extra users for that one month at the same monthly rate.

As a result, active user plans can cut your training costs by an additional 30-50% (compared to stored user plans).

Yes, you can request a demo and then organise a free 14-day trial of Tribal Habits. You’ll have full access to the entire platform during your trial. You can create online training, check out the libraries, run a pilot program and more.

Our Annual Plans offer discounted per-user rates over the Monthly Plan. Larger annual plans provide larger discounts. Multi-year plans offer additional discounted rates. We also support Not-For-Profit and Charitable Organisations with discounted per-user rates. Contact us for further details.

Remember that Tribal Habits also has no set-up costs and counts only active users in plans – these benefits alone create significant discounts over traditional online learning platforms.

Yes. We have many organisations with users in New Zealand, throughout Asia, Canada and the United States. Please note that all pricing is in Australian Dollars and that the interface is in English (we do not support localisation at this time). All Compliance Library modules are based on Australian legislation and regulations.

Yes. If you are on a Monthly Plan and your usage grows to be above 70 active users per month, you can move to our smallest Annual Plan (100 active users) that would reduce your total annual costs. Likewise, you can upgrade Annual Plans at any time.

Note that if you are on an Annual Plan, you can still have more active users in a single calendar month than your plan allows. You would only be charged for the excess users for that one month at the same per-user rate, plus a small admin fee. You only need to upgrade to a larger Annual Plan if you are consistently 10-20% above your existing plan’s usage (and would therefore benefit from the lower per-user cost of a larger plan).

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