Why you're going to love Tribal Habits

Every feature and thought we’ve put into Tribal Habits is centred around delivering online learning that is easy to create, engaging to learn and simple to manage.

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Easy to create

If you can create PowerPoint slides, you can create interactive online training in Tribal Habits

  1. Create your own

    Leverage video, quizzes, images, polls and interactive elements with our easy to use drag-and-drop editor.

  2. Use our libraries

    One-button import of libraries of Australian compliance and personal training in your branding.

  3. Transfer existing training

    It’s easy to convert PDFs, slides and workbooks into online learning. If you’re busy, we can help too!

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Engaging to learn

Training your team will love with social learning and interactive elements to inspire real change

  1. Branded, modern interface

    Mobile, responsive and accessible, Tribal Habits user interface is sleek, intuitive and requires no training.

  2. Social, interactive learning

    Reflective questions, live polls and peer sharing promote connections and contextual learning.

  3. Drive real outcomes

    Engage learners with personal journals, monitored on-the-job activities and meaningful assessments.

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Simple to manage

Remove the burden of training management with easy enrolments, automations and reporting

  1. Automate the mundane

    'Set and forget' learning pathways, reminders and notifications dramatically reduce admin effort.

  2. Provide training consistency

    Built-in version control, easy content updates and cloud access ensure consistent delivery.

  3. Access rich reporting

    Detailed report to highlight results, identify learning gaps and demonstrate the value of training.

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