Re-imagine the way you create and deliver training

From rapid training creation to engaging learners with relevant content and measuring training outcomes, Tribal Habits is your complete training solution.

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Simple online training creation

For training to be successful it needs to be relevant to your organisation. That's why we've made creating online training a breeze in Tribal Habits. If you've ever created a PowerPoint presentation, you can create interactive online training in Tribal Habits. Unlike traditional learning platforms which provide only training administration, Tribal Habits helps you overcome the #1 hurdle to great learning - great training content.

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Managing training is now a 'hands-off' task

Easy enrolments and powerful automation can remove the administrative burden from managing training. You can measure completion, analyse feedback and understand training effectiveness instantly. Tribal Habits insights provide the feedback you need to continuously improve organisational training as well as demonstrate the success of your efforts and a return on your investment.

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Powerful and affordable online learning for any organisation

With Tribal Habits you can select just the feature packages you require for any stage of the learning journey. Start small and add packages as you need. Pay only for actual use with monthly and annual plans.

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