Combine online learning modules with any
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Blend the best of online and offline training and tasks with a range of dedicated event and activity features.

Combine online learning with offline tasks

Our Task, Q&A and Upload elements can be utilised in any module to both create offline tasks but, more importantly, capture the outcomes and results of those offline activities. Our dedicated Activities feature can be used in any module to schedule tasks for learners to complete, with separate instructions, files, deadlines and notifications.

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Blended Event Set Up Screen

Combine online learning with instructor training

Our Events building block can be utilised in any module to blend instructor-led training – workshops, webinars, meetings – with online training. Provide your learners with pre-event training, downloads or surveys, track attendance and assessments at your event, and then share post-event information, recordings or polling. Enable manual grading for written answers, offline tasks and upload files.

Powerful features to blend online and offline training

Building block editor

Our building block editor contains more than 40 preformatted interactive elements allowing you to insert, copy, move and delete content in seconds. Add media, tables, flipcards, lists, tabs, quizzes, polls, questions, files, sorting and dozens more.

Event block

Our dedicated Event building block can be used in any module. Outline the event type and details, select options for registration, roll-call and offline scoring and provide learners with a calendar invite for their event. Offer multiple or single events across one or many modules.

Assessable blocks

Our flexible building block editor includes several assessable blocks which can help create online or offline tasks – upload a video recording, provide long answer results, or report on a series of offline tasks. You can provide learners with downloadable files to print for a workshop, complete as an assessment or utilise in a meeting. Assessment can be disabled or compulsory, including outcomes, scores and feedback.

Offline activities

Our Activities feature allows scheduled tasks within an online training module – upload a case study, meet with a coach, test a new skill. Each activity has individual due dates and notifications, including to involved stakeholders (managers, coaches, mentors) with full data tracking of on-the-job learning outcomes.

Notify stakeholders

Each learner in Tribal Habits has dedicated manager/supervisor (up to five) and mentor fields, with a variety of automated notification options available to those key stakeholders. Module creators/assessors can also be notified as learners hit milestones, while anyone can be notified when the Activities feature is utilised to automate tasks – HR staff, fire wardens, IT teams and more. 

Version control

Allow your learners to continue exploring content while you draft changes – and then push out an update with a single click. Tribal Habits automates version number, version notes, access to prior versions, version completion records and more. 

Need help creating your content?
We can help with that too!

While Tribal Habits makes it fast and easy to build online learning modules, sometimes you just need an extra pair of hands! 

Our in-house experts are able to convert your existing materials – slides, documents, workbooks, webinars – into interactive online modules quickly and cost-effectively. Contact us to learn more.

We've rapidly instilled our internal processes

Removing travel from our training program has not only saved our organisation an untold amount of money, it’s reduced the amount of time our staff need to stay away from their desks and their families. We’re getting better results in half the time. The result of that is happier, more productive workers.

– Bradley Burns

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