Easily create online training on any topic

Now anyone can transform expertise into training. If you can create PowerPoint slides, you can create interactive online training in Tribal Habits.

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One - Import from our libraries

Tribal Habits has three libraries of world-class online training modules ready to be imported into your portal in seconds.


Tap into FREE modules on essential topics including coaching staff, COVID-19 management and mentoring.


Boost your organisation's induction and compliance processes with Australian-based compliance modules.


Improve your team's skills in sales and service, management, productivity, communication and more.

Unique features

All modules appear in your branding with a modern and consistent interface to drive learner engagement.

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Learn more about Tribal Habits amazing libraries of ready-made online training in this quick video overview.

Two - Start with a template

Creating your own training in Tribal Habits is simple. Start with a commonly used training template or simply begin from scratch.

Completely guided process

Automatic content branding

Automatic data capture

Templates for common topics

Automatic menus and navigation

Built-in version control

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Three - Follow a guided process

Tribal Habits provides a fully guided process to capture expertise or transform existing content into interactive online learning.

40+ building blocks

Insert, copy, move and delete over 40 different templated building blocks to rapidly create online content.

Sage - your online coach

Work with Sage, our AI powered, training creation coach who provides simple advice to improve your content.

AMazing media

A dedicated video hosting service, 2 million royalty free images, and upload or embed almost any type of file.

easy interactions

Polls, choices, quizzes, scenarios, matching, Q&A, hotspot images, tabs, accordions, buttons - we have it all.

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Four - Allow us to help

Whether it be updating and transferring old material or starting from scratch, our teams are here to help. Services include:

Transfer existing training

Plan training curriculums

Review and advise on content

Advice on selling training

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Online training content creation which anyone can use

Click on any of the features below to learn more about how Tribal Habits makes it easy to create relevant, interactive online training for your organisation.

Powerful and affordable online learning for any organisation

With Tribal Habits, you can select just the feature packages you require for any stage of your learning journey. Start small and add packages as you need. Pay only for actual use with monthly and annual plans.

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