Create interactive online learning on any

If you can create PowerPoint slides, then you can create branded and interactive online training in Tribal Habits.

Follow a guided process

Tribal Habits provides a fully guided process to capture expertise or transform existing content into interactive online learning. Use step-by-step instructions, with real-time advice from our digital learning coach, Sage. Avoid common mistakes and create engaging, online training quickly.

Get all the help you need

Tribal Habits is designed for anyone to create great online learning – so its far more than just a set of tools. Import and edit 100s of ready-made topics, get inspired from our template library, request free video reviews of your modules by our experts or even allow our team to convert your content fast.

Powerful features allow anyone to create online training

  • Guided process
  • Building block editor
  • Ready-made modules
  • Amazing media
  • Insightful assessments
  • Offline tasks
  • SCORM support
  • Version control
  • Accessible learning
  • Conversion service

Save time and create better learning with our guided processes

Rather than leave you lost in a blank template, our guided processes help you capture ideas and create online training fast. You’ll be provided with tips and insights by our unique digital learning coach, Sage. Answer her questions, ask for feedback and receive real-time analysis of your content.

Create online content with our simple, flexible building block editor

Our building block editor contains more than 40 preformatted interactive elements allowing you to insert, copy, move and delete content in seconds. Add media, tables, flipcards, lists, tabs, quizzes, polls, questions, files, sorting and dozens more.

Accelerate your training creation with our ready-made library

Import and edit 100s of ready-made training modules on key skills and compliance training. Every module is a complete online training experience (not just a simple video or PDF) in your organisation’s branding and ready to customise in minutes! Create an instant catalogue or blend with your content.

Engage and education with beautiful and interactive media

Your media comes alive – easier than ever – with Tribal Habits. Access 2 million royalty-free images with a built-in image editor. Embed media from YouTube, TED Talks, Soundcloud, Prezi, Vimeo and more. Upload video into our secure HD-video streaming service. Create interactive images and narrated slideshows in moments.

Combine online and offline assessment opportunities

Tribal Habits helps you build a range of online and offline assessments.  Online assessments automatically randomised questions, manage retakes and track all answers. Offline assessments can utilise file uploads, written answers and separate deadlines (with notifications).

Automate and monitor offline or on-the-job learning activities

Our Activities feature allows scheduled tasks within an online training module – upload a case study, meet with a coach, test a new skill. Each activity has individual due dates and notifications, including to involved stakeholders (managers, coaches, mentors) with full data tracking of on-the-job learning outcomes.

Bring your SCORM modules with you PLUS share modules via SCORM!

Have existing SCORM (or Tin Can, xAPI, cmi5 or AICC) modules? You can host your SCORM modules in Tribal Habits Bring your existing modules, build your own content or combine.

Have Tribal Habits modules you want to share with another LMS? Use our amazing SCORM 1.2 links to embed your Tribal Habits modules into external LMS – share, track, update, disable and manage modules in dozens of LMS at once.

Update content and monitor changes with built-in version control

Allow your learners to continue exploring content while you draft changes – and then push out an update with a single click. Tribal Habits automates version number, version notes, access to prior versions, version completion records and more. 

Share your learning with everyone - meet WACG2.1 Level AA standards.

All online training modules created in Tribal Habits can meet WACG 2.1 requirements to a Level AA standard with minimum effort by you. We manage all fonts, colours, interactions, layouts, navigation and screen-reader compatibility. You just need to follow the templates! See our Accessibility Statement here.

Need help creating your content? We are ready to assist

While Tribal Habits makes it fast and easy to build online learning modules, sometimes you just need an extra pair of hands. Our in-house experts are able to convert your existing materials – slides, documents, workbooks, webinars – into interactive online modules quickly and cost-effectively. Contact us to learn more.

We've rapidly instilled our internal processes

We had our training modules created very quickly and were rolling them out almost immediately to our staff. Our internal processes have been brought to life by Tribal Habits and made them accessible at the click of a button – in any location, at any time. – Sally King

Trusted by leading organisations

Proudly built and supported in Australia, while helping organisations around the world

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