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While Tribal Habits makes it easy to create online training of your own on any topic, sometimes you just need a ready-made solution. Perhaps its to accelerate a training roll-out or complement existing knowledge in your organisation. Our Development Library has a huge range of online training modules ready to go in your Tribal Habits portal - and it's all in your branding and seamlessly integrates with any training created by your own experts.

Online personal development training library

Our vast online library covers a wide range of personal development training a modern Australian organisation needs to support an effective workforce.

An introduction to emotional intelligence
Best practice listening skills
Building your influencing skills
Communicating effectively in the workplace
Communicating with management and key stakeholders
Creating a personal training plan
Designing presentations that engage
Introduction to effective decision making skills
Managing and resolving conflict
Presentation skills which build presence
Problem solving and creativity
Professional business writing skills
Staying productive: Managing internal meetings
Staying productive: Managing your emails
Staying productive: Managing your priorities
Strategies to manage stress in the workplace
Coaching and developing staff
Delegating as a manager or leader
Discussing performance with staff
Holding productive 1-on-1 meetings with your team
Managing remote and virtual teams
Managing staff training for success
Managing teams for better performance
Motivating your staff and teams
Recognising and rewarding staff performance
Running a training needs analysis
Setting expectations with staff and teams
The five core skills for leadership
Writing effective position descriptions
An introduction to negotiation skills
Building trust in the sales process
Confident and effective business networking
Creating a professional LinkedIn profile
Creating sales momentum and closing more deals
Defining your ideal client
Developing a compelling value proposition
Generating upselling and cross-selling opportunities
Sales proposals and engaging writing skills
Sales proposals and great executive summaries
Sales proposals and managing the process
Sales proposals and pitching for success
Successfully responding to client objections
Understanding the client buying cycle
Best practices in client service
Conducting effective client review meetings
Marketing tactics to help client referrals
Obtaining client referrals and references
Strategies to boost repeat business
Successfully helping upset clients
Understanding and managing client expectations
Tribal Habits: Exploring your first topic
Tribal Habits: Getting topics created
Tribal Habits: Mapping out your training
Tribal Habits: Setting up your portal
Tribal Habits: Tips for topic creators