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Native SSO and LMS integrations, plus Zapier and Public APIs, allow you to integrate Tribal Habits with other key platforms in your technology stack

Managed Integrations with other HR platforms

We offer managed integrations with many popular HRIS platforms. These integrations sync user data from your HRIS directly into Tribal Habits, avoiding the hassle of duplicating data and ensuring your user information is always up to date.

We utilise an enterprise automation management platform called Workato. It’s the leading automation platform globally, allowing for robust and flexible integrations.

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Sync users and training data with foundU workforce management system.


Sync users and enrolments with  the BambooHR platform.


Sync users and enrolments with  modern HR platform, Bob.


Sync users and enrolments with  enterprise management cloud, Workday.

ADP Workforce Now

Sync users and enrolments with  integrated HCM platform, ADP Workforce Now.


Sync users and enrolments with  cloud based HR software, ZOHO.

Employment Hero

Sync users and enrolments with  the Employment Hero HR platform.


Sync users and training data with HR platform, Namely.


Automatically create and enrol new users when selling training in WooCommerce.


Automatically create and enrol new users when selling training in Shopify.


Enrol users into Eventbrite events, or attendees into Tribal Habits training.


Create new users and enrolments from SquareSpace forms.


Send general or channel messages in Teams for new users or training completions.

Google Sheets

Add new users or training records to Sheets, or create users or enrolments from Sheets.


Sync Salesforce leads with Tribal Habits users and create new enrolments.


Create new users from MailChimp forms or trigger MailChimp campaigns.


Send Slack alerts for new users, enrolments or training completions.

Integrate Tribal Habits with 5,000+ platforms via Zapier

Tribal Habits natively integrates with Zapier, allowing you to tap into 5,000+ other platforms with Zapier integrations.

You can use triggers and actions in Zapier to connect Tribal Habits with eCommerce shops, CRM applications, Microsoft Apps, webinar tools, HRIS systems and more. It’s easy, code-free and completely customisable. 

Check out supported platforms and applications

Native Single-Sign-On integrations

Improve your user experience and security with our native SAML 2.0 integration with all popular SSO platforms.

Manage both SSO (staff) and non-SSO (contractors, volunteers, customers) in the same platform. 

View more about our SSO integrations

Build custom integrations with our Public API

Our Public API allows our customers and partners to develop custom applications that read or write data into Tribal Habits. We’re always adding more endpoints and have detailed developer documentation. You can use our Public API to integrate with any platform of your choice.

Learn more about our Public API


Got questions about integrations?

Contact us to discuss how we can help you integrate Tribal Habits with other key platforms in your organisation.

We've delivered more - and better - training

The feedback in Tribal Habits helps guide our training efforts. If we identify gaps, we can quickly modify the delivery or explanation. Our training is now sustainable, repeatable and efficient– we have a system where we can create once, modify as needed and deliver often. – Melissa Haley

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